2011 Review of EG Systems, Inc. — The W-2/1099 Filer

EG Systems, Inc. - The W-2/1099 Filer


From the Oct. 2011 Review of W-2 & 1099 Compliance Systems.

Best Fit:

Professional practices with large client rosters for whom they provide year-end reporting.


  • Excellent multi-client management functionality.
  • Comprehensive state, federal & local form support.
  • Multiple batch filing & printing options.
  • Good integration capabilities.
  • Barcoding of W-2s & SSN masking.
  • Automated, free web-based data backup.

Potential Limitations:

  • No built-in client billing utility.


A long-time developer of year-end compliance systems, EG Systems’ W-2/1099 Filer program is designed to give comprehensive state and federal wage and information reporting capabilities to professional firms managing compliance for multiple business clients. The developers have consistently added new features each year, building the program into a powerful resource that includes barcoding of W-2s, SSN masking, batch printing, e-filing, multi-level security, automated web-based backup and a full audit trail.

Basic System Functions (5 Stars)

W-2/1099 Filer can be installed on individual workstations or across networked servers and used by any number of staff in a professional firm. It can manage unlimited numbers of payers and recipients. The program’s setup functions are easy to understand and use, with the ability to create user groups and access rights that are based on specific tasks and program areas. The main interface offers pull-down and icon-based toolbars across the top of the screen, with quick access to client and recipient lists that allow sorting and filtering, and also display broad summary information on the entities. These lists can be quickly output as reports.

Forms can be selected and created or edited while within either a client or recipient’s records, or directly from the main toolbar or pull-down menus. When working with forms, the program offers data entry on either form replicas or on interview-style sheets, with both providing lookup lists for selecting payers or recipients. Basic data then auto-populates on the forms. The recipients are not tied to one EIN, but can be used across multiple companies, which can save time for separate businesses that use common contractors. Likewise, the program has a useful reverse cross-reference view by recipient.

For W-2s, the system offers automatic calculation of FICA wages and withholding, which can be turned off. The program tracks all overrides and other data changes using a full-time audit trail. Address fields also provide lookup of city/state data using ZIP Code entry, and data can be imported from various formats.

W-2/1099 Filer includes a special 1098 allocation feature with split-year capability. The system offers good customization of toolbars and default settings across either all clients or on a business-by-business basis, including masking of SSNs, the ability to skip over some fields and various batch mode options for printing. W-2/1099 Filer is not designed for after-the-fact payroll, but it does include compliance reporting for 94X series forms as well as a net payroll calculator. The company noted that it offers a separate After-the-Fact Payroll Reporting for quarterly reporting, and that it integrates with the W-2/1099 Filer at year end. W-2/1099 Filer includes a free, automatic web backup utility that can be set to save data remotely on secure servers after system use. The program is easily downloadable and can be either installed on a network server, or used via remote hosting technologies in-firm or through third party ASPs.

Reporting (4.75 Stars)

The system can produce e-fileable or print-ready W-2s and W-2Cs, as well as all versions of forms 1099 and 1098, 1042-S, 5498 and 3921/3922. For print filers, it continues to offer W-3, W-3C and 1096 transmittals. It also offers quarterly and annual wage reporting on forms 940, 941 and 943, and allows regeneration and notation of reissued forms. The unlimited e-filing capabilities utilize automatic login to the IRS and SSA websites along with a status checker. Support for all states is also offered via magnetic media functions, and it supports filing W-2s to multiple states for employees. The company noted that for 2011 the program will generate a generic state electronic file for those states that accept an Excel/CSV upload. Printed forms can be output to either pre-formatted stock or plain paper using the built-in laser engine.

Forms and transmittals can be quickly printed for all or individual states, and the system offers on-screen previews with the ability to save as PDFs for paperless management, or to a format that can be directly emailed with security features enabled. A built-in document management feature lets users attach scanned images and documents to payer files. In addition to the forms and transmittals, the system offers a strong collection of managerial reporting, including summaries and detail output, tally reports, state and local wage listings, and options for printing mailing labels and envelopes. New features include 2-D barcoding on W-2s and Postnet barcoding on forms and envelopes. The system supports pressure-seal printing formats and has duplex printing capabilities. The vendor also offers a service for outsourcing print/mail functions upon request.

Import/Export Capabilities (4.5 Stars)

W-2/1099 Filer can pull W-2 and 1099-MISC data directly from QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree and other accounting packages. It also offers data import from Excel, CSV and XML formats, allowing two-step integration with payroll systems. The system exports to Excel, which allows for import into third-party accounting systems. Rollover of prior year data is supported. A PDF driver is included, and automated web-based backup was recently added. 4.5

Help/Support (5 Stars)

W-2/1099 Filer includes excellent Help and assistive tools, such as how-tos, wizards, task-specific Help topics and built-in links to form instructions and the IRS, SSA and all state taxing agencies. Other resources on the vendor’s support site and in the Help utility include a full PDF user manual, remote live support, e-filing instructions and system updates, which can also be set to automatically update from within the program. Live technical support is free.

Summary & Pricing

The W-2/1099 Filer system has broad compliance capabilities that extend to all 1099, 1098 and W-2 needs, along with 940, 941 and 943 filing, and free integrated e-filing to federal and all states. It offers great customization options and form output capabilities, including document storage and PDF generation, and the new web-based backup utility is an excellent addition. The program is comprised of various modules, starting at $109 for the base package, plus $40 for a laser engine that supports most common forms and allows for plain-paper printing. Non-common laser forms are $10 each, and the Payroll bundle (940/941/943) is $10. The QuickBooks import utility is $35, and the universal import function for importing from legacy applications is an additional $25. An all-inclusive package, then, is priced at $209 per year. Renewal customers receive reduced pricing.

2011 Overall Rating 4.75 Stars


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