2011 Review of Advanced Micro Solutions — 1099-Etc

Advanced Micro Solutions — 1099-Etc



From the Oct. 2011 Review of W-2 & 1099 Compliance Systems.

Best Fit: Accounting practices performing after-the-fact payroll, quarterly and year-end information reporting for multiple clients.


  • Excellent interface, client management screens.
  • Extensive federal, state & local forms library along with e-filing.
  • Option for outsourcing printing & mailing of all recipient copies.
  • Imports from outside accounting & other programs via several formats.
  • Comprehensive payroll functionality.

Potential Limitations

  • No local reporting capabilities.


Advanced Micro Solutions has been developing payroll and year-end compliance systems for more than 25 years. Its flagship product, 1099-Etc, offers compliance tools that support paper and electronic filing of federal 1099, W-2 and 940 series forms, along with all state versions and state unemployment forms. It also offers options for adding live and after-the-fact payroll.

Basic System Functions (4.5 Stars)

The initial interface for 1099-Etc is displayed in a small window that includes text-based links to key program areas and optional modules, including the forms menu, payroll, the expanded Forms-Etc module, e-filing, and system configuration and management tools. Initial setup of basic client/payer data is performed on a simple data form, with the ability to set passwords and a PDF encryption key for each client. This enables the secure emailing of client forms and reports directly from within the program.

The primary W-2 preparation functions are accessed through the Forms Menu, which opens to client selection screen with limited search capabilities. It does, however, provide the ability to quickly copy a payer for use in setting up new clients. Within a client, forms can be accessed by type (W-2/W-3, 1098, 1099, 392X, 5498, Puerto Rico versions and Misc. forms), and then specific forms. The system then opens into the most recently completed form of that type, with a form replica for data entry. Basic client data is automatically populated, and calculations are made as necessary, with the ability to override FICA withholdings. The data-entry screen also includes options for tagging and recalculating entries, as well as drop-down menus at the top of the screen for print options, alignment functions, utilities, transferring data and using Help. A payee selection screen can be brought up on a per-form basis, with options for searching by SSN/TIN and name.

The 1099-Etc program’s A-T-F Payroll module includes direct deposit and MICR check printing capabilities. It also offers the ability to manage any number of standard and customizable deductions, including benefits plans, garnishments and unemployment. Employees/payees with income reporting requirements to multiple states is also supported.

1099-Etc is designed to be installed locally and is priced by location, allowing any number of concurrent users in the same firm to work in the program, managing up to 1,999 payer/clients, with up to 99,999 payees each. Multi-client management functions include the ability to set up client groups, and data sharing across modules means that payer and payee information is automatically pre-populated after selecting an entity. No web version of the system is offered, although ASP hosting may be available through third-party providers.

Reporting (4.5 Stars)

1099- Etc offers compliance for all states plus Puerto Rico and District of Columbia. Specific form support includes all 1099 versions, 1098, 5498, W-2 and W-3 with correction forms, 1042-S, as well as quarterly 940, 941, 942, 943 and 944. No local compliance forms are available. Multi-state reporting for employees is also supported. Batch processing of any forms allows for generation of all W-2, W-3 and other forms per client or across multiple clients. Electronic filing of forms 1099, W-2 and 941, as well as nearly 30 state quarterly returns, is available through either the electronic filing or payroll modules. An alternative option is to have the preparation, filing, printing and mailing of all 1099 and W-2 copies to payees done as an outsourced service by an AMS partner. State unemployment forms for all states, D.C. and Puerto Rico are also included. The optional Forms- Etc module offers an extended library of more than 400 state and federal forms, which are print-ready and can be prepared on-screen.

The system offers several managerial reporting options, including payroll reports, tax summaries, period details, withholding balances, details and check registers, as well as client letters, recipient lists and mailing labels. It includes an integrated client billing utility and can also directly integrate with third-party time and billing systems. Reports can be saved to PDF, with security features that enable emailing of information from within the system. Printed output can be generated on plain paper using the Laser Generation module.

Import/Export Capabilities (4.5 Stars)

1099-Etc and the related programs from AMS share data as necessary, and the program can roll forward prior-year data. It can import from QuickBooks, Peachtree and from Excel spreadsheets, allowing users to pull in data from most financial management systems, including time clocks and other programs. It can also export to Excel, as well as CSV and PDF. No client or employee portals are available.

Help/Support (4.75 Stars)

The traditional Help utility in 1099-Etc includes a searchable index and contents directory, along with some task-specific guidance. Also available from within the program is a PDF user manual, tutorial, FAQs and a reference guide. The program can be set to automatically check for and install updates as they become available. Online support includes updates, additional FAQs and the support knowledgebase. Live technical support is included with program pricing. 4.75

Summary & System Pricing

Although 1099-Etc can be used directly by small and mid-sized businesses, AMS has concentrated development of the system toward multi-client management functions, resulting in more than 80% of its users being accounting firms and payroll service providers. With the addition of the live payroll and electronic filing modules, the full AMS suite offers an extremely easy-to-use and affordably priced utility for managing employment, wage, and information reporting for federal and all states. The core 1099-Etc system costs $75 per year, but to get the full functionality, users should also add the $75 laser generation options, the $105 A-T-F payroll module and the $105 e-file utility. These options, usable by any number of staff in the same office, would cost $360 per year.

2011 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars


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