2011 Review of Red Wing Software, Inc. — CenterPoint Payroll


Red Wing Software - CenterPoint Payroll


Best Fit: CenterPoint Payroll is a good solution for most small businesses and payroll service providers who process payroll for multiple companies and who may want some limited human resource management capabilities. It’s also a good fit for organizations that use Red Wing’s CenterPoint or TurningPoint accounting software applications.

From the Sept. 2011 Review of Professional Payroll Programs

CenterPoint Payroll is a fully customizable payroll solution that accommodates a variety of business types. Accounting professionals may find CenterPoint payroll a good solution for handling multiple clients. Designed as an in-house payroll solution, CenterPoint provides all functions necessary to run payroll while also including some introductory human resource (HR) functionality.


  • Check Designer option natively supports printing of paychecks, signatures and MICR data on blank check stock.
  • Employee documents can be output in multiple languages.
  • Time data can be imported from a wide range of applications in a text file format.
  • Direct deposit (your bank may charge a transmittal fee) and electronic filing available at an additional charge.

Potential Limitations

  • Does not natively support integration with accounting software other than CenterPoint or TurningPoint, other than exporting a text file from the CenterPoint Payroll application. Red Wing does offer an API allowing for direct integration; access to the API is normally limited to third-party partners.
  • A web-based employee self-service portal is being developed, but no final release date has been announced.


As noted, CenterPoint Payroll is a complete in-house payroll solution that may be installed as single-user desktop software or multi-user software in a networked environment. The interface is typical of traditional Windows software in that navigation is done through drop-down menus and a series of shortcut icons. The shortcut icons are fully customizable to include or exclude desired program features. This customization is extended to many data-entry screens, as well. This level of customization allows the product to be specifically tailored to a user’s data-entry needs.

With a multi-user network license, multiple users can concurrently access client files. Each client file may also have an unlimited number of employees. Each employee record may include an unlimited number of pay rates and deduction codes, as well as multiple pay rates and frequencies. Deductions from an employee’s paychecks may be set for intervals different from their normal payroll frequency. This allows for member or association dues to be deducted only one time per month for a semi-monthly payroll frequency, for instance. CenterPoint Payroll also offers tracking options for profit centers, locations and project codes that can be automatically allocated upon each payroll run, allowing for granular cost analysis of payroll.

Processing payroll is simply a matter of selecting the appropriate pay date ranges and employees, entering or importing time information, and verifying the end result before finalizing and printing checks. CenterPoint Payroll includes support for all federal, state and local tax compliance. The program is designed for traditional paper filing methods but offers electronic filing capabilities through Aatrix. This tax outsourcing provider supports electronic processing of all quarterly, annual reports and W2s for federal and states accepting electronic submissions. Direct deposit is also available and allows employees to split paychecks across an unlimited number of bank and investment accounts. Employees without direct deposit capabilities may receive paper checks. The direct deposit option creates an ACH file each pay run (your bank may charge a transmittal fee); other electronic filing is considered a premium services and will require additional fees.

CenterPoint Payroll tracks basic employee demographic and HR information, including hire dates, birthdates and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission information, as well as direct links to any required employment documents, such as a W-4. Employee certifications can be tracked, along with completion, expiration and renewal dates, using an add-on module.


CenterPoint Payroll requires payroll and reports to be processed through traditional paper methods but all reports can be exported to Excel or a PDF format. Electronic processing is available as an add-on service through Aatrix. Red Wing Software offers a Check Designer as an add-on feature. This tool creates custom check designs and allows an accounting professional to purchase blank check stock and print checks for any client. Company logos and taglines, MICR coding, and up to two signature lines may be included for each design. Signatures may also be stored as image files and reproduced on the paychecks.

CenterPoint Payroll includes more than 100 native reports, and most reports can be filtered based on various company setup fields. Custom reports and report groups may be created, as well. Additionally, all native and custom reports may be combined into custom groups. This allows for multiple reports to be run at one time. Employee check stubs can be output in languages other than English. Users simply need to translate the various payroll items to the desired language. Reminders are also available and may be setup for any task to run at multiple predefined intervals.


CenterPoint Payroll fully integrates with other products within the Red Wing Software lineup, including its accounting package, CenterPoint Accounting. Non Red Wing Software accounting general ledger integration is limited to text file export capabilities of CenterPoint Payroll. Red Wing does offer an API option for direct integration, available for third-party software partners. Time keeping data can be imported from a variety of time programs and is done through use of CSV file exports from time programs. CenterPoint Payroll also has built-in support for submitting information to many popular third-party retirement and benefit providers.


CenterPoint Payroll offers a variety of Help options; traditional indexed and searchable Help may be accessed through the drop-down Help menu. This resource provides access to a variety of documents and videos that detail specific areas within the program. Documents may be viewed, saved and printed at any time. Red Wing Software offers an annual customer membership support plan and provides unlimited phone-based support and all product updates and quarterly form upgrades released throughout the year. Fee-based web or on on-site installation and training services are also available.


CenterPoint payroll offers a module that publishes all paycheck stubs to a secure online portal. Employees may access this portal through traditional sign in methods and access these pay stubs as well as their annual W-2s. The company reports that it is currently developing an employee self-service portal, but has not set a release date as of press time. Therefore, a rating was not assigned for this section.


Red Wing Software handles unique payroll functions for many agriculture and nonprofit businesses; CenterPoint Payroll provides many customization options that may benefit any business type. The program offers a variety of customization options and straightforward navigation. Pricing for a single-user license is $795. Network users will pay $295 for each seat, and other add-on modules are available starting at $95.

2011 Overall Rating: