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Best Fit: Firms or companies who use CYMA’s integrated applications for write-up, nonprofit accounting or general ledger, which has been rebranded as RedGear Accounting for users of the TaxWorks professional tax preparation system. It’s also a good fit for firms or companies who want an on-premises payroll application designed for quick data entry.

From the Sept. 2011 Review of Professional Payroll Programs

CYMA Payroll Software provides a complete solution for businesses of all sizes to process in-house payroll. Multiple modules are available and fully integrate with CYMA Payroll Software to allow all payroll


  • CYMA’s long history as a write-up application makes for quick & efficient data entry, with support for multiple clients & after-the-fact payroll.
  • Custom reporting & modification of existing reports supported with Crystal Reports.
  • Available add-ons provide employee self-service access to routine information changes & pay stubs, as well as HR management capabilities.
  • Employee time keeping is supported & supervisors can edit and approve data before it is released to payroll.

Potential Limitations

  • Electronic payment transmission of federal and state payroll taxes not currently supported, but will be in the next release of the product.

and human resource (HR) functions to be performed internally.


CYMA Payroll Software is typically installed on a local area network or standalone client computer. However, the application is also available as a CYMA-hosted service. The basic interface for CYMA Payroll Software is a hyperlinked webpage for all installation types. The system is navigated using traditional drop-down menus along with additional hyperlinked categories on the left side of the screen. Data-entry screens open in conventional pop-up windows that may be resized. Right-clicking blank areas on the window provides a number of shortcuts specific to that window. Search features are also on each data-entry screen to provide an easy way to find and enter specific information. Many data-entry screens may also be customized.

CYMA Payroll Software is flexible and may be adapted to any size business or payroll. Unlimited client files and companies may be processed with the system license. Employee payroll may be processed one employee at a time or in batches as a group. Time may be entered manually or imported using a variety of methods. After generating the payroll, administrators may view and alter individual paychecks prior to finalizing. Each paycheck may include any number of earning and deduction codes and contain tax withholdings for multiple states. Local taxes are supported by the application but need to be user defined and programmed, as the local tax tables and forms are not available as part of program’s payroll tax table updates. Direct deposit support is included and allows for an unlimited number of bank and investment accounts. Each direct deposit may be custom formatted to fit the requirements of the user’s bank account.

CYMA Payroll Software offers basic HR functions. Basic employee demographic information, including pay frequency, spouse and dependent information, hire dates, and complete pay rate history, including upcoming raises, may be entered and tracked. Default projects, job codes and departments may be set up, as well. A newly added HR module is available, which will expand these functions and integrate directly with the payroll and available employee portal modules.


All federal and most state forms are included and will automatically populate as appropriate. Currently, only federal forms may be electronically submitted. A small transaction fee is assessed for each filing. All payments and state forms need to be filed through traditional paper methods. MICR encoding capabilities are included for users printing on blank check stock. CYMA is currently in the process of rolling out an electronic filing module that will process federal and state forms along with accompanying payments. This module is expected to be released in fall 2011.

CYMA Payroll Software provides a variety of reports, each with the ability to be filtered based on company setup options. All reports are built on the Crystal Reports framework. Custom reports and paycheck formats may be created within the application, but users will need a separate Crystal Reports license to accomplish this. All reports may be exported to a variety of popular formats including Excel and PDF. CYMA Payroll Software allows alerts and reminders to be set for any task performed in the system.


CYMA Payroll Software tightly integrates with other accounting solutions offered by the company. Most of the CYMA accounting software suite, including CYMA Payroll, is also marketed by RedGear Technologies to TaxWorks customers as RedGear Accounting. CYMA has partnered with a number of third-party vendors to provide additional integration features. CYMA Payroll Software shares the same database with the available after-the-fact payroll module. This allows single checks to be entered and does not require any additional importing or exporting of data. Time keeping data may be imported through the available employee portals, through a number of the third-party vendor solutions or through Excel files. Other integrations may be achieved through custom programming options provided by CYMA. Fees for this service will vary depending on customer requirements.


CYMA Payroll Software provides a link to all support options through its navigation menus. Currently, most support is provided through annual software maintenance plans, which is required for new customers and for users adding new modules. The software maintenance plan includes all system updates, tax tables, product enhancements and service packs, as well as access to the online knowledgebase located on CYMA’s website. Phone-based support is available on a per-use or annual contract basis. Consulting, custom programming, and on-site or online training options are also available.


CYMA Payroll Software directly integrates with the CYMA Employee Self Service add-on module. This module is web based and designed exclusively for employees as a secure portal for editing and changing demographic information, entering time worked, and downloading payroll information such as pay stubs and annual tax reporting documents. System administrators can control the access to any or all of the portal functions based on user access levels. Additionally, employers may provide specific links to internal or external websites providing company or employee benefit information.


CYMA Payroll Software provides a flexible payroll solution that may be configured for most business environments, from an accounting professional performing outsourced payroll for clients to a large professional employer organization. With the ability to process an unlimited number of companies, CYMA Payroll Software may prove to be a cost-effective payroll solution. Pricing is tiered based on the number of employees processed in the largest company file. Pricing for unlimited client files, each with 25 or fewer employees, starts at $695. The CYMA Employee Self Service module has a starting price point of $495.

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