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Best Fit: The XpressPayroll for Accountants wholesale version is a good fit for accounting professionals who want to work with client payroll without implementing an in-house payroll application or preparing payroll tax returns. It’s also designed for organizations with a total of five or fewer paid employees in one state.

From the Sept. 2011 Review of Professional Payroll Programs

XpressPayroll for Accountants is the entry-level payroll solution offered though CompuPay, and is an online system designed for accountants who manage payroll for micro businesses. XpressPayroll for


  • Each company comes with a single client login, along with optional accountant access.
  • Reports & websites in the wholesale version can be branded with the accounting firm’s logo.
  • Flat-fee monthly pricing ($35/mo. for monthly payroll) makes costs predictable.
  • Clean user interface provides quick efficient payroll processing.
  • Included employee self-service portal (PayView) can be configured to allow pay stub and W-2 download for all employees, as well as company-wide reporting for owners & managers.

Potential Limitations

  • Does not support after-the-fact payroll processing.
  • No online Help or knowledgebase available, although there is phone & e-mail support.



Accountants allows accounting professionals to remain engaged with client payroll without having to implement an in-house solution. Clients can manage the day-to-day payroll operations, and the accountant can simply supervise the activity and make corrections as necessary. With the exception of multiple client access through a single login, XpressPayroll for Accountants is similar in functions and features as the XpressPayroll system. Except as noted, the remainder of this review will focus on the XpressPayroll functionality.


XpressPayroll is a web-based payroll solution designed for micro businesses with one to five employees, and is a scaled back version of CompuPay’s PowerPayroll and PayrollOnline services, which have been reviewed separately. Users login to the service through any modern browser using a combination of a company ID, user ID and password. Once logged in, menu options are selected using five tabs at the top of the screen. These five tabs represent the entire functionality of XpressPayroll and maintain the ease of use for the software. Although simplistic in design, the clean interface helps achieve CompuPay’s goal of processing payroll in seven clicks or less.

Each XpressPayroll license includes one user login as well as an accountant login. Each of these users can have separate capabilities for processing payroll and reviewing reports. XpressPayroll for Accountants comes with one user login, but the login is tied to multiple accounts and allows for easy maneuvering between client files. Payroll setup can be customized to fit the data-entry needs of clients and may include or exclude a number of fields. Once XpressPayroll is setup, the payroll run process consists of only three steps: enter employee hours, enter date information for pay period and pay date, and review the output. All processing of payroll, including payments and reporting, is done directly through XpressPayroll.

XpressPayroll is designed for businesses with five or fewer paid employees. Support for all states is included, but only one home state can be processed for each company. Although these few limitations exist, the feature set remains competitive. All employee paychecks have unlimited additions and deductions, as well as full accrual of personal, vacation and sick time included with the license. Additionally, direct deposit support for up to two bank and investment accounts per employee paycheck is included. Individuals without bank accounts will be issued paper checks from client check stock housed at CompuPay.

XpressPayroll includes the ability to process 1099s and features a paycheck calculator that calculates updated net pay based on changes to an employee W-4. XpressPayroll can handle manual checks not part of a batch or normal payroll cycle, but does not provide any after-the-fact payroll options.


XpressPayroll handles all monthly and quarterly payroll tax reports and payments, which are filed electronically on behalf of the client when possible. Any tax reports and payments not accepted through electronic submission are submitted through traditional means. XpressPayroll is designed as a paperless solution and does not provide any forms, checks or reports to clients via mail. XpressPayroll includes five native payroll reports and does not allow for any custom-made reports. All native reports are accessible 30 minutes after each payroll process and are archived for later viewing. All quarterly payroll reports and payroll runs are stored online for up to seven years and may be viewed, saved and/or printed by clients at any time. The only forms provided in paper form to clients are the annual W-2s.


General ledger (GL) integration is not natively supported through XpressPayroll. However, included with the service is the ability to customize an export file type to match up with the small business accounting solution in use by the client. Most reports can also be exported to a text format or directly to Excel, Word or PDF. Currently, no time and attendance import functionality is available for XpressPayroll, and they application does not allow branding the payroll screens with a company logo. XpressPayroll for Accountants, however, does allow for this branding and is included on all client files associated with the accounting professional’s account.


Each XpressPayroll subscriber is assigned a dedicated support representative to help answer any questions about the product and to aid in necessary troubleshooting. Live, phone-based and email support is also available. Currently, no online Help or knowledgebase is provided, but CompuPay is considering this inclusion for future releases. Regardless of the support type, all support is included with the subscription license at no extra charge. All updates to underlying forms or changes in applicable tax rates are applied automatically by CompuPay and do not require any user intervention.


XpressPayroll’s PayView functionality allows managers and employees to login and view related payroll information. Managers can use PayView to view all employee-related information, such as payroll history and other management tools. Employees can only view information specifically related to them, such as their most recent pay stubs or annual tax documents.


With the simple interface, high level of customer support and rich feature set, XpressPayroll provides a quality solution for both micro businesses and accounting professionals managing multiple clients (through XpressPayroll for Accountants). Pricing for the payroll services is a flat fee and is charged per month based on the payroll frequency. Monthly pricing starts around $35 for monthly payroll, $55 for semi-monthly and bi-weekly payroll, and $80 for weekly payroll.

2011 Overall Rating: