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Best Fit: Accountants or companies who need a web-based payroll application with outsourced tax filing and payment processing services. Also, firms or organizations who need to manage payroll for multiple companies using a single login, but who do not have a full-time payroll or HR staff person.PayrollOnline is the premier online payroll solution offered by CompuPay and is available in three editions. Each of the three editions, Basic, Advanced and Premier, build on each other in functionality. All editions of PayrollOnline are exclusively web-based and are fully outsourced payroll solutions that all for the processing of all required tax payments and reports.

From the Sept. 2011 Review of Professional Payroll Programs

  • Offers all-inclusive full service payroll with support for unlimited application users with no additional charges beyond the per-employee, per-pay run pricing plan.
  • Advanced features like employee multiple state withholding, certified payroll reporting, job cost reporting, custom reporting tools, benefit accrual calculation support, general ledger export & 401(k) reporting are included in some versions.
  • Included employee self-service portal can be configured to allow pay stub & W-2 download, as well as online changes to address, dependents & W-4.
  • Offers HRIS tracking and reporting capabilities and a report writer
Potential Limitations
  • Direct import of employee time data is not supported without using Excel or text files.




PayrollOnline is an Internet-based payroll solution that can be accessed through any modern Internet browser. To access PayrollOnline, the standard user name and password combination is needed. Unlimited users are allowed to access the service at any time, and user rights can be as strict or relaxed as needed. Accountants or those with multiple companies can attach multiple clients/companies to one user login. Menu options are selected from a sliding menu on the left side of the screen. Once clicked, each logically grouped menu option expands to reveal further options. On-screen data entry is logically presented, but can also be customize to various client needs.

PayrollOnline requires clients to submit payroll documentation prior to starting the service. CompuPay uses this information to frontload all pay rate descriptions, deductions, current vacation/sick time accruals, and employee demographic information. This process helps ensure that setup is done correctly so users can start processing payroll immediately upon logging in to the service. Any maintenance, such as adding or removing employees or changing deduction descriptions, can be done by the user at any time.

The payroll process is guided through a five-bullet online checklist. Each bullet directs users to the next appropriate step within the process and includes a checkmark once each step is completed. PayrollOnline supports unlimited employees under each business license. All state and local jurisdictions are supported, and employees can have multiple states attached to their paychecks. Multiple pay rates, pay frequencies and unlimited deductions are also allowed for each employee paycheck. Deductions taken through employee checks can also be set at intervals different than their normal pay frequency. This allows for deductions to be taken in full from the first paycheck of the month and not the second paycheck, such as with a semimonthly pay frequency. All payrolls, regardless of frequency, can be submitted within one batch. Manual checks can also be issued and attached to a future payroll batch.

All above functions are included under all editions of PayrollOnline. Additionally, direct deposit, with support for up to 99 bank and investment accounts and the ability to assign up to five cost centers, is also included. The Advanced and Premier editions of PayrollOnline add functionality for benefit accruals, 401K reporting, general ledger (GL) integration and custom report writing. The Premier edition supplements these features with advanced tools, including support for certified payroll reporting and job cost tracking.


PayrollOnline is a fully outsourced payroll service with all tax payments and reporting handled on behalf of the client. All reports are submitted electronically, if accepted; otherwise reports are submitted through traditional methods. A payroll reminder calendar is included with the PayrollOnline service and includes visual clues about upcoming payroll events.

PayrollOnline includes more than 40 native reports with the ability to apply multiple filters on most reports. To generate ad-hoc reports using the report writer, users must be subscribed to the Advanced or Premier editions of PayrollOnline. All reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or HTML formats.


Integration is offered for many third-party vendors but the strongest integration is with Sage’s small business and ERP applications. Bidirectional integration with Sage Peachtree is included. Users of other accounting GL packages, such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics products, also have integration capabilities, but require manual import and export within each respective product. Integration requires users to subscribe to the Advanced or Premier editions of PayrollOnline, although the Sage Peachtree integration, available to Sage Peachtree clients, is available with the basic package. Time management import is only supported through text and Excel file imports, and there are no application-specific time import interfaces.


CompuPay prides itself on the customer Help and service it provides for each of its products, and PayrollOnline is no exception. In addition to formal training, upon signing up for the service, a dedicated team is assigned to each client. This representative is responsible to answer any questions and aid in troubleshooting, as well as fully assist in processing the first three payroll runs. CompuPay noted that it is rolling out a new application-embedded chat feature this fall. Additionally, live, phone-based support is provided. All training and support is included in all three editions of PayrollOnline.


PayrollOnline includes an employee self-service module with access controlled by management, who can customize the information to which employees have access. Once set up, employees automatically receive a formal letter with login instructions. Inside the employee portal, employees have access to recent pay stubs, demographic information collected about them, pay history, vacation/sick time accruals, pay history and annual tax documents. Additionally, employees can file their W-4 electronically through the system, which is sent electronically and in paper, signed by the employee to the appropriate supervisor. Once approved, the changes are automatic within the system.


PayrollOnline is intend for businesses of any size and offers a fully comprehensive payroll solution that outsources all payments and reporting. CompuPay has a commitment to quality training and support and prides itself on a high customer retention rate. Pricing is based on the edition (Basic, Advanced or Premier), the number of employees and the number of payroll runs. A 10-employee business requiring a biweekly payroll is currently priced at $60.95 per employee, per payroll run. This price includes all tax services, direct deposit and online employee access; online self-service HR functions cost extra.

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