2011 Review of The Versatile Group — CertiflexDimension Client Write-Up


The Versatile Group - Certiflex Dimension


Best Fit: Firms managing clients with high transaction volumes and multi-level company structures.

From the Sept. 2011 Review of Client Write-Up Systems

The Versatile Group has developed accounting software since the late 1970s, providing in-house business management solutions, industry-specific products, and a system designed specifically for professional accountants providing write-up services to broad client bases. CertiflexDimension is a suite of modules that include full GL, AR, AP, payroll, reconciliation, write-up and other processes, along with comprehensive financial statement generation and customization, document management and client management tools.


  • Good interface customization
  • Strong reporting & financials options
  • Broad set of core modules
  • Broad reporting & financials generation

Potential Limitations:

  • Moderate reporting customization
  • Module-based pricing

Basic System Functions :

Certiflex is built upon a Pervasive SQL database, providing good transaction processing and integration between core modules. The application provides guided installation and client data setup, including import from common accounting solutions. Firms can transfer charts of accounts, use industry templates, copy existing client account structures or create completely customized charts of accounts. The system can support any number of users and an unlimited number of business entities, including companies with multiple subsidiary units and support for consolidated financial statements.

The program opens to a crisp and well-designed interface that includes user-customizable sections for alerts, news, services and website links. The interface also has panels to display reference data and system information, such as the knowledge center, forms, technical support and the help system. A vertical navigation menu offers Explorer-like access to tasks organized in categories for Client Write-Up and Bank Reconciliation, while additional pull-down menus and icons at the top also offer navigation options. In addition to these two core modules, users can add optional modules to manage AP, AR, payroll, job costing and other functions. User access rights can be role-based or can be set on a per-module basis.

Core Write-Up Features :

Certiflex is designed to streamline high volumes of transactions, offering individual or batch entry for recording and posting transactions. The program’s full GL supports unlimited accounts, departments, divisions and intercompany structures, with consolidated reporting. The Client Write-Up module provides summary and drill-down detail of all client transactions, with the ability to make adjustments, automatic reversing entries, correcting entries and set recurring transactions. Tools for accountants include departmental allocation percentages, seamless inter-company transactions and consolidated ledgers with partial ownership calculations. A transaction balancing feature further minimizes manual data input of final amounts and ensuring balanced entries.

The bank reconciliation features in CertiflexDimension include built-in e-tools designed to import client bank statements downloaded from financial institutions and credit card companies. The imported transactions are presented for review alongside the check registers, and a simple check-off utility is used to match the cleared transactions. Certiflex supports up to 99 bank accounts per company with unlimited check registers, and has functions to prevent duplicate payments.

Other check writing features include MICR printing to plain paper or preformatted stock, custom logos and digitized signatures for each company, automatic check voiding, vouchered invoicing, invoice splitting, and expense invoicing across separate companies. Federal wage and information reporting includes forms 941, W-2, W-3, 1099 and 1096, and the company offers an optional module for quarterly state unemployment forms generation. Full live payroll processing is available through the payroll module, which includes all state and federal withholding tables and offers direct deposit, deduction management, full HR, accruals tracking, and benefits management. Basic financial benchmarking tools are also available.

Reporting & Financial Statements :

Module-related reporting is available throughout the program, including detailed and summary aging, budgeting, revenues, period comparisons, as well as the wage and information reporting forms mentioned previously. Reports can be supplemented with more than 10 standard business charts and graphs. The financial statement generation tool provides the ability to create up to 99 statements per company using 40 prebuilt statement templates and cover letters. Multiple currency conversions and drilldown while viewing on-screen are both supported, although only moderate in-program customization and editing. The program can export to RTF and text formatted files for further editing in Microsoft Word. A client invoicing utility is available in the AR module, offering sales tax management, automated payment options and cycle-based billing.

Import/Export/Integration :

CertiflexDimension thoroughly integrates with the other modules in the program and can directly import client data from entities using the business version of the program. It also offers import from common small business bookkeeping and payroll programs. It can export to XML and CSV formats for data with other programs, including trial balance and tax compliance systems. The IntelliTrans feature helps guide data import and transfer using wizards for common tasks and provides PDF email distribution and archive functions.

Help & Support :

The program is Windows-based and built-in help functions include several guides, checklists and wizards for company setup and common tasks, as well as quick access to manuals and resources such as the knowledge center, help system and other utilities. The company’s online support center includes many of these same resources, as well as automatic software updates, training options and access to the company’s integrated online service platform, which also has business and financial calculators and business comparison tools. Live technical support is subscription based.

Summary & Pricing

CertiflexDimension Write-Up and the related modules provide comprehensive write-up functionality and tools for streamlining journal tasks and reconciliation functions. The tool is well suited for use with large clients that have multi-level company structures … or with large firms. Pricing is modular and based on the number of users. The core System Manager is $295 for a single user, $895 for up to five users, and is required with all purchases. The first-year pricing for the Write-Up module is an additional $995. Renewals are $395 for each of the core modules.

2011 Overall Rating: