Paperless Receipts & Expense Report Management: How you can help yourself & your clients

Join Darren Root and Bob Lewis as they explain how you can develop knowledge that will benefit your clients and add value to their business, create a new add-on revenue stream in your practice, and help your clients stay organized so expenses are complete with digital receipt details at year-end. They will outline how your clients can save up to 80% of the time tracking and managing employee spending, reduce their risk of fraud and reduce wasteful spending, and how they can stay organized by capturing expenses with smartphones and tablet devices.

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The event will help you:

  • Know the top three risks clients face with manual expense tracking
  • Refresh your knowledge on IRS rules related to deducting employee spending
  • Understand the best practices in managing expense reports and employee spend
  • Learn about programs to make it easy to add this as an additional practice area

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Earn 1 hour of CPE Credit for this live event.

All attendees of this live event will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a free Apple iPad.