2011 Review of Wasp Barcode Technologies — QuickStore POS


Wasp Barcode Technologies — QuickStore POS

From the August 2011 Review of Retail Point-of-Sale Systems

Best Fit: QuickStore is available in three editions and works with retail businesses of all types and sizes, but is not suitable for grocery stores or restaurants. The company offers a complete line of POS-related hardware and bundled products.

As its name implies, Wasp Barcode Technologies sells much more than POS systems. The company offers a complete line of POS-related hardware and bundled products that require little setup time. QuickStore, the vendor’s POS product, is available in three versions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise, making it extremely scalable for retail businesses of all sizes. QuickStore works with retail businesses of all types, but is not suitable for grocery stores or restaurants.



  • Scalable, with 3 versions available
  • Easy to setup & navigate
  • Offers touch-screen technology
  • Contains solid customer tracking capability
  • Comes pre-bundled, with all necessary software & hardware

Potential Weaknesses

  • No e-Commerce integration available
  • Does not offer loyalty/rewards tracking
  • Contains limited analysis tools

The main QuickStore interface contains a drop-down menu that offers access to various system functions as well as the POS interface. Clicking on Activities brings up the POS screen. All users will have to sign into the system. To begin entering a sales transaction, the user will click on Invoice. The POS function will work with a keyboard, or items can be scanned into the system for quicker processing. Users can easily update quantities purchased and can quickly choose to assign the sale to a customer, if desired. Once a customer is assigned, users can click on the payment key to choose the payment type. Multiple tenders can be used for each transaction. Special orders, layaways, gift certificates and quotes can all be entered from the sales screen, as well. Users can also process partial payments.

QuickStore is an extremely scalable product, with three versions available for retail businesses. Basic inventory functionality and AR tracking is included with QuickStore Standard, but more inventory options are available in the Professional and Enterprise editions, including the ability to utilize up to five separate pricing levels for each product. These same editions also allow users to create purchase orders and special orders, as well as track AP. New layaway customers can be added on the fly by scanning items and entering the down payment amount for that layaway. All POS and related screen are easily navigated, and users can easily customize screen options.

Lookup fields are found throughout QuickStore, and data can easily be entered on the fly. User passwords are set with corresponding security levels attached to each user. Levels range from one to five, with one providing the least amount of system access. Defined options within each level can also be edited by management. Multi-store capability is available in the Enterprise level of QuickStore, and multiple transactions can be processed from the main sales screen, including special orders, gift certificates, layaways and quotes. Multi-Store capability is powered by polling technology, and a variety of mobile computing devices is also available through Wasp Barcode Technologies, making it easy to process sales from remote locations.


QuickStore easily integrates with touch-screen technology. QuickStore allows cashiers to accept multiple tenders for each transaction and also contains an excellent customer management function, which maintains a detailed history for each customer in the system, including all billing and credit detail, purchasing history, as well as any special orders and layaways. The notes field allows users to maintain a record of customer likes and dislikes or any other information that can be tracked. As previously noted, QuickStore easily handles layaways, sales orders or on-hold item processing, and can track and accept partial payments from the POS interface screen.


Reporting options are good with QuickStore, though not extensive. The Close-Out Shift report provides excellent detail that helps cashiers reconcile their shift beginning and ending balances. All reports are processed in real time as transactions are entered into the system. QuickStore also contains a good selection of inventory/sales reports, including the Top 40 Items by Type, which provides users with detailed sales information on the most popular products. Sales by Product, Sales by Customer and Sales by Month reports are also available, as is the Sales Detail by Transaction. The Professional and Enterprise versions of QuickStore also offer users extended reporting capability. Detailed shift reports provide management with an in-depth look at cashier activity for that shift, including start and end balances, transactions processed, and layaways and payments on account.


QuickStore is part of Wasp Barcode Technologies’ long list of POS-related products, which include a variety of hardware products designed to work with Wasp Barcode software. Also available is Barcode Software, Asset Tracking, Inventory Tracking, Time & Attendance, and other accessories. A GL export to QuickBooks is also available, and users can easily setup an online shipping interface with UPS, if desired. Hardware available from the vendor includes barcode scanners, barcode printers, barcode labels and supplies, and an online barcode maker. QuickStore also contains a login/logout feature that tracks all employee time, and also offers a variety of time and attendance systems that are designed to work with QuickStore.


QuickStore offers an excellent introductory video to the entire QuickStore product. The video, found on the vendor’s website, provides detailed information on new company setup and operating the POS function, as well as basic reporting steps. All other Wasp Barcode Technologies products have video tutorials available, as well. Users have access to the vendor’s knowledgebase, where questions and related answers are posed for all of their products. Web-based training, on-demand training and classroom training options are also available. The excellent Wasp Barcode Technologies Support Center contains all the information needed to access support, including opening a support ticket, as well as access to various ‘how-to’ documents. Technical support is available during regular business hours and can be accessed via telephone or email.


QuickStore from Wasp Barcode Technologies is available in a conveniently bundled package that includes the software, a cash drawer, barcode scanner, thermal receipt printer, power supply, magnetic card reader and a one-year maintenance agreement for the price of $999. The Professional version is available for $1,995, and the Enterprise edition costs $2,995. Several other bundled packages are available that include a variety of software/hardware combinations, with one sure to suit the needs of just about any small to mid-sized retailer.

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