2011 Review of Sage North America — DacEasy


Sage North America - DacEasy

From the August 2011 Review of Retail Point-of-Sale Systems

Best Fit: Well-suited to smaller businesses that also require POS capability, DacEasy is a good front/back office solution to businesses that offer products for sale but do not handle hundreds or thousands of transactions daily.

DacEasy, from Sage North America is an entry-level accounting product with a strong POS module. Designed for smaller businesses that do not process a high level of transactions, DacEasy can also be used as a stand-alone product. Completely integrated with the accounting modules, DacEasy is a good front/back office solution to businesses that offer products for sale but do not handle hundreds or thousands of transactions daily.

  • Easy setup & little training time required
  • Great dashboards provide immediate sales & customer detail
  • Customizable interface
  • Solid system security & strong audit trail
  • Good reporting options, including Crystal Reports
Potential Limitations
  • Not designed for high-volume transaction processing
  • Does not support touch-screen technology, but planned for next release
  • Does not support customer loyalty programs


DacEasy now features an intuitive user interface that makes great use of workflow guides for quick navigation. Users can easily access all DacEasy modules from the drop-down menu bar at the top of the screen, or set up a customized list of workflow options. Users can design the interface screen to suit their needs, and can make the POS module the default screen. The Sales Register Entry in DacEasy’s POS module is easily navigated, data entry possible using a mouse or the keyboard. Receipt numbers are automatically assigned, and customer history can be easily accessed. Accessing a customer will bring up a message box for any number of designated reasons, including credit limit display, along with a notice when the credit limit has been reached. The message box also provides the option to override credit limit totals, and continue or cancel the sale. Users can choose the type of transaction, including sale, AR payment, quote or layaway. These transactions can all be completed from the main POS entry screen.

Along with the POS module, DacEasy also contains integrated Accounting, Payroll and Order Entry modules. The accounting module contains standard accounting functionality (GL, AR, AP) along with Inventory and Banking. These modules are easily accessed from the POS interface at any time so users can look up available inventory, purchase order status, or a more detailed customer history. A column of function buttons to the right of the sales screen offer additional entry options such as layaway, delete, close, etc. Purchase order numbers can also be entered in the sales transaction.

System preferences can be set for all POS users, including the ability to check customer credit, override overdue balance notices, and allow AR sales. Managers must set up users in the system prior to using with system parameters designated as needed. DacEasy’s new design also offers a series of system dashboards that can be displayed on demand, including a comprehensive Sales dashboard and Customer dashboard, both handy reporting tools that provide a quick view of daily activity. Lookup fields are located throughout all system modules, and retailers with multiple stores can easily set up DacEasy for use between locations. Users can assign promotional pricing to products in inventory, and items can be easily stored and tracked in multiple warehouses. The sales register entry screen processes multiple types of transactions, including split tenders and refunds. DacEasy also offers a high level of customization capability, all designed to streamline data entry whether using the POS module or any of the other included modules.


DacEasy makes it easy to set up tender types. The Add/Edit method of payment allows users to add the tender type, choose if they want the payment verified online (for credit card processing) and simply enter the amount received. The AR function offers excellent customer information along with in-depth customer purchasing history. User-defined options can be deployed for tracking an additional level of customer detail. Layaways are easily processed from the main POS interface screen, and payments on account are also easily processed from this location. Users can track paid to date amounts on all layaway accounts, and can specify the number of days to hold for the customer. The Order Entry module processes all orders and adjusts inventory levels accordingly, easily handling customer quotes.


DacEasy offers a good selection of POS reports that include the Sales Analysis Report, Layaway Transactions and Audit Tape for tracking all activity. A good selection of general accounting reports is available, as well, and Crystal Reports is available for those wishing to customize or create reports. Transactions must be posted prior to running reports, and the system will provide a prompt to post any unposted transactions prior to running a report. The Product History report provides product activity in general, and the Inventory Adjustments report displays all inventory changes. The Customer Analysis report provides a detailed list of each customer, along with net sales and profit. The detailed Audit Trail log provides managers with a comprehensive list of all employees that have accessed DacEasy, as well as a list of associated transactions.


Although the POS module can work as a standalone product, it becomes a much more powerful tool for small retail businesses to utilize the entire set of financial modules and features. Sage DacEasy can easily export all system reports to Excel, and all forms and reports can also be published in HTML. Sage DacEasy also integrates with a variety of third-party applications. For credit card processing, the system uses a product called Sage Exchange. Using the included Import option, users can also import customer, vendor, product and GL data into Sage DacEasy.

The system easily supports common POS hardware, including magnetic card readers, pole displays, cash drawers, serial barcode readers and keyboard wedges.


DacEasy comes with an excellent system Help function that guides users through system functionality, as well as providing detailed information on each system module. DacEasy’s website provides information on the product, as well as a free three-day trial for new users. A variety of support options is available, including Sage Business Care, which provides users with access to the 24/7 knowledgebase, as well as telephone support, online chat options and all product enhancements, service packs and payroll tax tables. Business Care is available in three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze.


The DacEasy Retail Edition includes Point of Sale and Accounting modules as well as the Sage Business Care Gold Support and is currently available for $1,499 for a single user, with a network version available for $2,399.99, making it affordable for smaller retail businesses that desire solid front office/back office functionality.

2011 Overall Rating: