2011 Review of Intuit — QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro


Intuit — QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro

From the August 2011 Review of Retail Point-of-Sale Systems

Best Fit: QuickBooks offers smaller retailers a solid, affordable POS product, in two editions, that contains several top-notch features normally found in more sophisticated products. Smaller retailers will appreciate the level of features found in QuickBooks POS.

QuickBooks offers smaller retailers a solid, affordable POS product that contains several top-notch features normally found in more sophisticated products. Users can choose from two versions: Point of Sale Basic and Point of Sale Pro. A free version of the POS software is also available that will ring sales and accept payments. QuickBooks products are designed for the smaller business owner who used to fall through the cracks when software companies made products designed for much larger businesses. The smaller retailer will appreciate the level of features found in QuickBooks POS.



  • Quick installation & quick setup
  • Little training time required
  • Offers excellent customer tracking & rewards program
  • New user interface makes navigation even easier
  • Solid dashboard reporting

Potential Limitations

  • Does not offer integrated shipping with a variety of vendors
  • Limited modules unless integrating with QuickBooks financial products
  • Limited growth potential

Like all QuickBooks products, the POS product installs easily and offers the option to customize the entry screen. Wizards located throughout the product make it easy to set up retail businesses and to actually utilize the product before all the data has been entered. It only takes minutes to create a new company, and data can be entered at any time. Users only have to enter the information needed to start using the product.

The QuickBooks POS user interface has been streamlined, with the result being a more intuitive entry screen and much less in the way of clutter. The menu at the top takes users to POS, Customers, Inventory, Purchasing, Employees, Financial and Reports. The Make a Sale screen allows for entering or scanning item information, and contains easy lookup functionality. Cashiers can also search for customers or add a new one when making the sale. To the left of the POS entry screen is a series of tabs that cashiers can choose from, including Quick Pick Items, a series of inter-related items that are set up for quick entry.

Managers can create groups of employees and assign system rights based on group assignments. Access rights can be edited by the manager, and new groups created if necessary. A fully customizable dashboard provides management with important details such as current and prior year sales figures, best selling items, department sales graph, and sales over time. QuickBooks POS Pro can track and maintain data for up to 20 different store locations, and can easily track and transfer inventory between locations. Along with processing sales transactions, the main POS entry screen can also process returns and exchanges, and provide customer and product discounts. Multiple pricing levels are available for all products entered into inventory, and e-commerce capability is available as a product add-on that is designed to work with both QuickBooks financial products and QuickBooks POS products.


The latest version of QuickBooks POS includes touch-screen technology, making sales entry even more streamlined. As previously noted, Intuit offers several e-commerce enabled applications that are designed to integrate with the POS products. Payment methods accepted include cash, check, credit card, debit/ATM, account, gift certificate and gift card. Tender options can be chosen under preferences during setup.

Customer data is easily maintained in the Customers option, where detailed notes, customer type and detailed contact information can be entered. Layaways and sales orders options are accessed from the POS drop-down menu, allowing cashiers to quickly process these special requests. The Customer Center is an excellent tool, providing managers with the ability to create custom email marketing campaigns, write letters or other sales tools, and export customer lists to another file for use with other marketing tools. Rewards programs are available and can be quickly accessed under customers, where managers can enter the threshold amounts to use for loyalty tracking and reward levels. Both gift card and gift certificate selling and redemption are available, along with special promotional pricing.


QuickBooks POS Pro offers users a good selection of reports that can all be processed from The Report Center. Reports are categorized by module, with customer, items, payments, sales, purchasing and employee reports available along with a brief description of each. Memorized reports can also be accessed from the Report Center. Clicking on All Reports brings up a list of all available reporting options, where users can display the report prior to processing. All reports are processed in real time, with sales transactions posted immediately upon entering. The Summary with Activity report tracks all inventory movement including sales, receiving and order details. Sales reports include best or worst sellers and the most common returns, which is a great analysis tool to determine the success or failure of a product. A great selection of customer reports is also available, including a Demographics Graph and a Zip Code Summary, as well as a Customer Type Summary. All QuickBooks products contain solid audit trail functionality, with transaction detail available for review.


QuickBooks POS Pro integrates with all QuickBooks financial products as well as Intuit’s long list of add-on applications. Data Import and Export wizards make it easy to import and export inventory, customer, and vendor data, and easy integration with Microsoft Office products makes it easy to export reports to Excel or letters to Word. POS Pro offers full integration with UPS, but also allows users to utilize other shipping options as well. QuickBooks POS Pro also integrates with all the necessary POS peripherals including pole displays, barcode scanners, credit card readers, signature capture, and PIN pads. Timeclock support Employees clock in and out using the timeclock system, and managers can easily view clocked in/clocked out information.


QuickBooks POS Pro contains a wide selection of tools designed to assist new users in everything from new company setup to system navigation to making a first sale. A comprehensive Help function allows users to target Help for that specific function. Wizards and tutorials are readily available, and the “I Want To…” button at the top of the POS screen makes it easy for users to choose the transaction type they’re looking for. System updates can be automatically downloaded or users can choose to be notified and asked if they would like to download the updates. The vendor’s knowledgebase and access to related QuickBooks communities is available, as well. A variety of support plans are offered, as is access to local certified QuickBooks professionals. Intuit is also offering 30 days of free support to new customers to make setup even easier.


QuickBooks POS Basic is $999.99, with the Pro version available for $1,499.95. While fully functional as a standalone product, when integrated with QuickBooks financial products users will have tight front/back office controls as well as a POS product that is one of the easiest to set up and use.

2011 Overall Rating: