2011 Review of InfoTouch Corporation — Store Keeper POS


InfoTouch Corporation — Store Keeper POS

From the August 2011 Review of Retail Point-of-Sale Systems

Best Fit: Store Keeper is a good fit for smaller retail establishments with only one location, but who still desire a custom user interface for use with touch-screen monitors. The vendor also offers Store Manager for multi-location shops.

Store Keeper POS from InfoTouch Corporation is a POS product aimed at small retailers with a single location. For retailers with more than one location, Store Manager from InfoTouch is also available. Both versions of the software offer a series of pre-defined templates designed for specialty retail markets. Store Keeper is a good fit for smaller retail establishments that do not have more than one location, but who still desire a custom user interface for use with touch-screen monitors.



  • Highly customizable touch-screen technology
  • Easy to setup & use
  • Good customer tracking capability
  • Flexible pricing levels
  • Solid employee module tracks time & salary/bonus/commissions

Potential Limitations

  • Does not offer e-commerce support
  • No integrated shipping options
  • Single store use only; must upgrade for multi-store capability

Store Keeper’s main screen contains a series of buttons that offer quick access to all installed functions, including POS, Inventory, Customers and Employees. Setup is easily accomplished with the use of tabs throughout the screen, and a list of related functions found to the right of the screen. A special training mode is available so store data won’t be corrupted as employees are trained. The POS register is fully customizable, with users able to arrange register buttons as desired. A series of user-defined buttons are located at the top of the screen and can be added as needed. A running total of all entered transactions is displayed directly beneath the menu bar, with quick sale buttons to the left of the screen and access to other system functions such as products, inventory and departments located to the right of the screen. Tender buttons can also be set up to simplify and speed sales processes.

Along with the POS module, Store Keeper POS offers Inventory, Customers, Employees, Purchase Orders and Reports modules. For single retailers looking to expand to another location, they can easily upgrade to the more powerful Store Manager POS, which offers multi-store capability.

Store Keeper POS provides two levels of security: plan based, which allows managers to determine the level of system access to assign to each employee, and hierarchal, which creates different levels of security (up to eight), with all employees assigned to a specific security level. Store Keeper’s user interface is designed for efficiency so users can easily process sales transactions as well as customer layaways, sales orders, accept payments on account or even process special orders.

The system is fully customizable, with specialty templates included. All default descriptions and even button sizes are fully customizable, as well. Lookup fields are found throughout the POS register, with cashiers able to quickly access product and customer information with the touch of a button. Notes specific to each customer can be easily entered while processing a sale, which is ideal for targeted marketing. Mail and catalog orders can be processed, and users can even set up a separate button for even quicker processing. Store Keeper POS allows users to assign up to nine different price levels for each product. Product cost can also be changed at the register, if necessary, and all inventory products can have up to 10 different vendors assigned for more competitive ordering choices. Purchase orders can be automatically created when stock levels reach minimum levels. More advanced POS features such as custom vertical market templates, multi-store support, and additional payment processing options are available in Store Manager POS.


Store Keeper POS was designed specifically for touch-screen monitors, and users will quickly recognize this. Even those new to Store Keeper should have no problem with system navigation. Tender types are completely user definable, and can include standard types such as cash, credit cards and checks, as well as gift certificates and gift cards. Cashiers can also accept multiple tender forms for each transaction. As previously noted, layaways, special orders and sales orders can all be processed from the Store Keeper POS interface screen, with cashiers quickly able to access customer balances and inventory levels for product availability. Foods stamps and Electronic Benefits Transfers (EBT) transactions can be processed from the POS interface, as well. Customer loyalty tracking is available, with the ability to track customer purchasing habits using either fund tracking or a points-based system. Managers can utilize the email campaign function to target specific customers for various sales campaigns based on their purchasing history.

Up to 16 different customer types can be maintained, and all customer history is managed in the Customers module, including sales history, special pricing and payment history.

Marketing tools, such as the Email Campaign, make it easy to target customers with sales specific to their buying habits. A loyalty program can also be utilized, using either points or funds, depending how users wish to track customers.


Over 100 standard reports are available, including a solid selection of sales and inventory reports that track both daily sales activity as well as inventory movement. Default system reports such as the Register Daily and Sales by Tender can be set up to print automatically after each shift. All reports are printed in real time, as the system updates all data as it is entered. All inventory report options are divided into categories that include movement, merchandise planning and quantities sold. Customer information is easily managed, using a combination of standard tracking methods such as sales history and campaign participation as well as any user-defined fields that managers can set up to track information such as birthdays, zip codes or items purchased. Store Keeper POS also contains excellent analysis reports with all reports able to be viewed on-screen, printed or saved as an electronic file for easy export. Store Keeper also maintains an excellent audit trail, and various reports are available for review.


Store Keeper POS easily integrates with all standard and add-on modules available with the product. Inventory, customer, employee and vendor information can be imported from or exported to an Excel spreadsheet or comma delimited file. Users can also choose to transfer data into QuickBooks or Peachtree. Reporting data is easily saved in an electronic file to export to various applications. Store Keeper POS also integrates with various POS hardware such as touch screens, receipt printers, barcode printers and customer displays. All employees can log in/log out at any register, with all punches able to be monitored by managers. Managers can also schedule employees and calculate any commissions or bonuses.


Store Keeper POS contains good Help functionality that provides all the information users need about each module in the system. Software updates are available on the InfoTouch website and can be downloaded at any time. Product support is available directly from InfoTouch or area resellers.


Priced at $499 to $799 per register, Store Keeper POS from InfoTouch is suitable for single-location retailers. The ability to upgrade to Store Manager makes this an ideal product for retailers with possible future expansion.

2011 Overall Rating: