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Celerant - Celerant Command Retail


From the August 2011 Review of Retail Point-of-Sale Systems

Best Fit: Both brick-and-mortar and online stores will appreciate Command Retail’s extensive options, all designed to make retail management more efficient. While retailers of all sizes can utilize Command Retail, its long list of features and multi-location capability make it a great fit for larger retail businesses with multiple locations.

Celerant Command Retail is a real-time software product designed for retail businesses of all sizes. Completely integrated, Command Retail provides retailers with a full POS solution that includes inventory management, warehouse management and E-Commerce functionality. Both brick-and-mortar and online stores will appreciate Command Retail’s extensive options, all designed to make retail management more efficient. While retailers of all sizes can utilize Command Retail, its long list of features and multi-location capability make it a great fit for larger retail businesses with multiple locations.



  • Full E-Commerce capability including marketing options
  • A comprehensive CRM function that tracks multiple levels of customer detail
  • Works with multiple operating systems
  • Supports buying clubs & private-label credit cards
  • Contains an excellent warehouse/distribution function

Potential Limitations

  • Pricing levels place it out of reach of smaller retailers
  • System setup requires a good deal of time

Command Retail’s main user interface contains a list of available program options. Users can arrow over each tab to view a list of functions found within each program option. The POS interface allows users to enter a customer number, quickly scan bar-coded items or lookup a salesperson. Users can also quickly lookup inventory items, view a detailed customer history or lookup a customer. A series of tabs to the right of the screen is fully customizable and provide quick access to vital functions such as instant check verification, quick item selector screens, price check and discounts. A running total of all items scanned or entered can be found at the bottom of the POS screen, and clicking on Pay will take users to the payment screen, where various accepted tenders are displayed. Users can also process customer receipts, layaways and gift certificates from the same screen. All data-entry screens are intuitive making it easy for new users to navigate throughout Command Retail.

Command Retail is built on a Java platform, and can be utilized on a wide variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, UNIX and Mac. Aside from the robust POS module, Command Retail also handles Inventory, Physical Inventory, Sales Back Office, Fulfillment, Warehouse, Pricing, Contacts, Data mining, CRM, Analysis, and the new GL module, along with both AR and AP.

The enhanced Purchase Order module now features more detailed setup options, with additional tabs added for greater detail. The enhanced PO capability makes Command Retail well suited for both standard retailers such as clothing stores, as well as retailers of hard goods such as hardware stores. Command Retail also easily exports GL information to a variety of third-party accounting applications, including QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Great Plains, and MAS 90 and MAS 200. Each user is assigned specific rights within the system, so they will only be able to access specified screens. Security is excellent, with typical problem areas such as refund and void theft, fraudulent credit card activity, and employee discount abuse tracked, and management alerted when a suspicious transaction has been entered. Employee login/logout time is tracked, as is all drawer activity for each user.

Command Retail is easily customized to suit the needs of the retail business, with each user screen easily customized, as well. Lookup fields are found throughout the product for everything from inventory, to customer detail, to product history. The intuitive interface allows users to quickly process all types of transactions, including regular sales, returns and voids, layaways, and gift cards. Command Retail’s Inventory module allows for multiple pricing levels, along with varying pricing strategies to be used for promotions or sales events.

Command Retail also offers complete warehouse management, along with distribution center capability. Allocation and distribution functionality allows users to track purchase order activity, handle transfers, and track special orders and return authorizations from one central interface. The E-Commerce module integrates with both the POS and the back office system, and is integrated in real-time. An integrated set of shipping tools simplifies order processing, and both mail order and catalog sales easily integrate with the core POS product.


Command Retail can easily customize screen entry to suit a variety of retail businesses, including apparel, furniture, hardware, sporting goods, convenience/grocery stores, and gift/specialty shops. Touch-screen capability is easily supported and, as previously noted, the E-commerce module easily integrates with the core POS product, eliminating double entry and manual sales. Command Retail allows users to set up the tender types they wish to accept during setup, and each transaction is capable of using multiple tender types.

An excellent CRM module provides users with the ability to store detailed information about each customer. Additional options can be set for each customer, including restrictions and customer preferences. Historical data is easily accessed, including detailed buying history, along with a history of when customers last visited the store. Special services such as layaways and special orders are handled right at the register. The CRM function also handles promotional items such as club pricing, gift card redemption and membership clubs. Retailers can also opt to offer customers private-label credit cards. Command Retail’s Data mining capability allows users to quickly build analysis reports based on both standard and user-defined fields. An E-Commerce Marketing module allows for promotional sales data to be emailed to customers, as well as handling automated emails after each purchase. It even provides integration with social marketing tools such as Facebook.


Command Retail offers an excellent selection of reports, including detailed POS reports such as receipts, time of sale, register payouts and items purchased. A solid selection of analysis reports can be user-defined as needed. All analysis reports include a template where users can choose the criteria they wish to examine. All reports are processed in real-time, as data is updated when a transaction is entered. Detailed inventory reports are also available, including detailed reports on highest and lowest selling products, as well as detail on product movement by season, by customer demographic and by merchandise age. Customer demographics are user-defined in the CRM function, where management can choose to track as much or as little information about customers as desired. Data mining functionality allows users to determine information such as the busiest time of the day for the store, track buying trends and spending habits, while creating sales items aimed specifically at customer demographic groups.

Command Retail offers an excellent audit trail, with a comprehensive level of detail tracked throughout the system.


Command Retail is a completely integrated system, with a hosted version available as well. With the addition of GL capability, it now provides users with both front and back office financial tracking ability. Easy integration with other third-party accounting applications is also available. Integrated shipping tools are available for FedEx, UPS and USPS. All reports in Command Retail can be saved as a PDF or an Excel/CSV file. Command Retail works with all the necessary hardware peripherals including touch-screen monitors, bar code scanners, receipt printers and pole displays. A built-in time clock monitors employee login time, break schedules and logout time.


Command Retail offers an excellent selection of Help tools, and the website provides detail on all available modules and their respective functions. Videos and product demos are available upon registration. Customer support is also available when needed, and users are given a login and password to access product updates and necessary downloads.


A complete system generally starts at about $12,000, making this comprehensive retail management/POS product an ideal fit for larger retailers with multiple locations.

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