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From the July 2011 Review of Document Storage Systems

Best Firm Fit:
Due to the scope of features and functions, ArkWorks can be deployed in both small and medium size firms to serve as an enterprise document management system. If you use the TaxWorks tax preparation software, ArkWorks is a natural first choice.

Core Product Functions/Features:

ArkWorks provides a comprehensive set of document storage features and functions. The interface is very easy to navigate through a four-button toolbar: scan, inbox, import and export. The file organization is based on a cabinet > drawer > folder > document model. As the users navigates through the individual client drawers and folders, the selected document is displayed in a preview panel. A new feature allows for the customization of the document hit list columns and sorting order.

A built-in PDF print driver lets users print and file documents directly into ArkWorks. You can view PDF files directly in Adobe Reader or the ArkWorks proprietary PDF viewer with built-in annotations, including redaction. Notes can be added directly to documents. You can convert documents into PDF format before uploading or bring them in their native file format.


  • Intuitive & easy to navigate interface
  • SQL database platform
  • E-mail integration & document distribution control
  • Document security

Potential Limitations:

  • Lack of an integrated portal solution
  • Lack of a hosted option


ArkWorks provides full integration with TaxWorks and 1040Works tax preparation software. An integration utility is provided to develop custom integrations with other SQL-based applications. Integration with e-mail provides a number of options for managing PDF files to be sent as attachments, including exclusion of annotations, password protection, disabling printing and editing. The e-mail address can be pulled directly from the client’s drawer.

Scanning directly into ArkWorks is supported with an “inbox” feature that allows you to scan multiple documents at one time into a designated client drawer. Multiple inboxes can be set up to direct scanned documents to designated clients.

Advanced Functionality:

A number of advanced features are provided, including the ability to assign very granular permission settings for document access and editing control. A check-in/check-out feature controls the document editing process. Documents are saved in encrypted format when they are imported into ArkWorks. Documents can be assigned a maturity date to facilitate the archiving process using the software’s built-in archive to CD utility. A detailed audit log of document activity is available.

Executive Summary & Pricing

ArkWorks provides a comprehensive document storage solution that can effectively manage the storage of documents and files in every part of an accounting and tax firm. A legitimate case can be made that this belongs in the review of the more robust document management systems. Pricing starts at $595 for the first user, $995 for five users, $1,495 for 10 users and $1,995 for 15 users. Additional user licenses are priced at $150 each.

2011 Overall Rating