Personable Inc. — ScanWriter & SourceLink 2011


Personable, Inc. - ScanWriter & SourceLink 2011

From the July 2011 Review of Document Storage Systems

Best Firm Fit:
SourceLink is designed specifically for use by firms that work primarily in QuickBooks. Therefore, the more time you spend in QuickBooks, the more valuable SourceLink becomes as your document storage solution.

Core Product Functions/Features:

SourceLink is available in three editions: SourceLink Plus, SourceLink Standard and SourceLink Management. Since all three options are priced so competitively from $199 to $299, I am basing this review on the Management edition, which offers the most comprehensive set of features and functions.

The core benefit of SourceLink is its direct integration with QuickBooks — this product’s target niche. Therefore, the primary interface is from within QuickBooks, which allows for linking of documents and files to individual transactions and vendor or customer records.

Access to files from within SourceLink is managed through a traditional folder structure. However, SourceLink utilizes a feature called Turbo Folder that creates a standard folder structure that can be customized as appropriate. The typical structure is a combination of vendor, customers, employees and company folders with appropriate sub-folders in each category.

Each document is tagged with QuickBooks transaction data as appropriate, i.e., reference number, transaction date, amount, etc. All of these values can be used to quickly search for specific documents. Users can also search on the filename, keywords and text within the documents.


  • Direct integration with 26 different transaction & record types in QuickBooks
  • Workflow tool for rules-based routing of documents
  • ScanWriter utility to convert credit card & bank statement data into QuickBooks transactions
  • Integration with Outlook inbound & outbound e-mails
  • Optional hosting solution from Personable

Potential Limitations:

  • Limited functionality beyond QuickBooks integration
  • No direct integration with tax preparation software


As mentioned, the most compelling integration is directly with the QuickBooks transactions and records. From any QuickBooks transaction, users can link to a file, web address or Outlook e-mail messages. A series of electronic stamps is provided to annotate PDFs as necessary. The two-way integration with Outlook for linking to inbound and outbound messages is pretty comprehensive for a document storage system at this price level.

Other than QuickBooks, there is no direct integration with tax software or client accounting software packages. Integration with all other applications is facilitated by uploading files to the Turbo Folders. Documents can also be scanned directly into the inbox for uploading to SourceLink. An OCR conversion tool is included to convert the scanned image to readable text.

Advanced Functionality:

The Management edition includes a workflow tool that provides rules and/or role-based document routing. The rules are tied to the data tags assigned to the document.

The newest and most advanced feature added to the SourceLink application suite is ScanWriter. This scanning tool is designed to scan bank and credit card statements … and using data recognition features, the statement transaction data is converted directly into QuickBooks transactions. Since many businesses rely on their credit and debit cards for purchases, ScanWriter has the potential to reduce data-entry time significantly.

Executive Summary & Pricing

It is pretty easy to identify the value in SourceLink for QuickBooks users. The simplicity of tagging documents directly to QuickBooks transactions and records is compelling. The new ScanWriter application for converting credit card and bank statement forms into QuickBooks transactions may be even more valuable for businesses that flow the majority of their transactions through credit and debit cards.

Pricing for SourceLink ranges from $100 to $299 for a single user. An additional 5-user licensing package is available for $999, and 10 users are priced at $1,699 for the Management edition.

2011 Overall Rating