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From the July 2011 Review Construction and Contractor Accounting Systems

Best Fit:
JobView is ideal for small to mid-sized construction and contractor businesses, but available in three versions that can take a small construction company through any growth transitions.

A-Systems JobView from A-Systems Corporation is celebrating 33 years of providing construction industry software for small to mid-sized construction and contractor businesses. Available in three versions, JobView can take a small construction company through any growth transitions, allowing business owners to utilize this easily navigated software whether they are a start up or an established company.


A-Systems JobView has a simple, understated user interface that contains a drop-down menu bar that provides easy system access to all JobView functions, along with quick access to all system modules. A vertical menu bar to the left of the screen also provides easy module access with icons containing drop-down capability. Journal entry screens are well constructed, but small. They contain tabs that provide access to other functions within that function. New users will want to utilize the New Company Startup Wizard, which simplifies setting up a new company and any desired user preferences.


  • Scalable with three editions
  • Overview & summary screens offer solid financial information for each company or project
  • Excellent payroll module, with certified payroll and the ability to access payroll information via mobile devices
  • Wide range of industry-specific modules
  • New job option allows for extensive information about the job
  • Latest version has Detailed by Job Cost Code report that provides additional graph capabilities
  • DataView custom report writer offers option to transmit timesheets with portable devices

Potential Limitations:

  • No client communication templates for proactively managing client relationship
  • Lack of dedicated dispatch module
  • No integrations with remote access applications other than viewing payroll

Overview screens take the place of dashboards and offer solid financial information for each company or project. Summarized views are also available as well. All Management Overview screens also contain drilldown capability. JobView works with the latest hardware, including Windows 7, XP and Vista.


JobView contains solid core accounting modules that are available in all editions of the program: GL, AP, AR and Payroll. With GL, users have the option of utilizing a default chart of accounts or creating a custom chart of accounts to better represent the company. Both month-end and year-end closings can be done at the convenience of the user, and access to prior months can be determined during setup. Users can also choose to enter recurring journal entries in the GL, AP and AR modules. The AP module offers flexibility and several safeguards, including the ability to search for duplicate invoices. Subcontractor invoices can be partially or fully paid, as needed, and invoices can easily be posted into a prior month period if necessary. The AR module handles time & materials billings, AIA draws and progress billings. Users can choose the way they track receivables, and automated billings can be done, as well. The Payroll module is excellent, with certified payroll capability, the ability to access remote payroll information via a PDA device, and the option to import time information from third-party time tracking software. Workers Comp rates can also be tracked by either employee or job. Additional modules include Purchase Orders, Sales Quote/Sales Order, Equipment Costing, Fixed Asset Management, and Inventory Warehousing. All modules are available in any edition of JobView.

JobView contains excellent audit trail capability. Users can easily track system transactions, with all information archived. The audit trail function is built into JobView and cannot be turned off. User security is also solid, with users assigned varying levels of access, such as full access, menu-level access and feature-specific access within each module.


JobView allows users to import estimating information from third-party programs as well as databases and even spreadsheet programs. Budget information can be added to each job and changed as needed. Budgets can also be modified as needed. The new job option allows users to enter extensive information about the job, along with any pertinent estimating and budgeting detail. Other detail such as job site, certification, billing, phases and user-defined fields can be populated, as well. Overview screens such as the Project Management Overview provides users with solid tracking for each job. Users can also choose to track budgeted, actual and committed costs. The Job Overview also provides users with financial detail and any subcontractor information. Customer, vendor and employee information is easily maintained, and all contain numerous user-defined fields to simplify the tracking of custom information. The Contact Manager provides a solid database of information that can track employees, vendors and customers in a central location.

JobView’s Inventory module maintains inventory in multiple locations, along with the ability to assign multiple pricing levels for each inventory item. Preferred vendor pricing can be maintained in the inventory module, as well. The Purchase Order (PO) module fully integrates with both AP and Job Costing modules, and provides users with the ability to assign a default job to each PO. It also contains a warning system that notifies users if they are about to exceed job budgets.

The optional Critical Path Scheduling module allows easy scheduling for each phase of a job, along with excellent time management capability. The Equipment Costing module provides equipment tracking on serial numbers, fixed asset details and service schedules. Documents and images can also be attached to the appropriate file.


A built-in report generator makes report creation a breeze in JobView. The system also provides a solid selection of preformatted reports in each module. The Job Detail Listing reports provide management with all of the information that they could possibly need. Job Billing Phases provides detail on each job phase and billings to date. The AR module produces AIA compliant invoicing and draw detail. The Detailed by Job Cost Code report provides additional graph capabilities in the latest version of JobView, including the ability to produce a forecast by cost code, which provides users with cost data. DataView, JobView’s custom report writer provides additional report customization and integrates with multiple time tracking systems for employees, and offers the option to utilize portable devices for transmitting timesheets. All JobView reports can be emailed directly to recipients, saved as a PDF, or exported in a variety of formats.


Importing and exporting of data is flexible. Data can be imported into a batch file, as well as from various estimating and timesheet programs. Data can also be exported using a text file format, or by utilizing the ODBC driver. JobView easily integrates with all add-on modules as well as numerous third-party applications. The vendor also offers additional modules including Electronic Import/Export, Point of Sale, ODBC, Credit Card Processing, and IRS Payroll Reports.


JobView provides solid Help within the product, including the Procedures Guide for new users. Technical support agreements are also available and can be purchased on a quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis. Multi-media training is available and includes online, telephone and onsite training. All support is handled in the United States and is available during regular business hours.


A-Systems JobView is available in three separate editions, with the Small Builder Advantage (SBA) Edition retailing for $79.95. Larger companies will want to look at the Preferred Edition, which costs $4,995. Scalable and easy to use, JobView is an excellent choice for small to mid-sized construction companies and related industries.

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