Intuit — Lacerte/ProSeries Document Management System


Intuit, Inc. - Lacerte/ProSeries Document Management System

From the July 2011 Review of Document Storage Systems

Best Firm Fit:
If your firm is using either the Intuit ProSeries or Lacerte tax preparation systems, then DMS is the natural first choice. It provides some functionality that can legitimately facilitate its use to manage the storage of all of your firm’s electronic documents.

Core Product Functions/Features:

This is another example of a document storage solution that is designed by a vendor to work with two different tax preparation products that are targeted at the professional tax preparer. The Lacerte/ProSeries DMS interface uses a simple presentation with three tabs: documents/folders to access files, client information to access client contact info, and the Issues tab to record and track client issues.


  • Pre-defined, but customizable folder structure to streamline client setup
  • Direct upload of client lists from the ProSeries & Lacerte tax systems
  • Ability to manage the storage of non-client files
  • Granular permission setting rules at the individual user level
Potential Limitations:
  • Not available as a web hosted solution
  • Lack of an integrated document portal

The file organization is based on clients with sub-folders for each tax year, which are created automatically, as well as a correspondence and permanent file folder. In addition, firms can create their own folders. The default folder template can be customized to streamline the setup of a new client. Users can also create folders that are not related to specific folders for storing documents that are used throughout the firm.

An integrated PDF print driver facilities direct storage of reports and documents from any program that are output to PDF. The document search feature allows for search by document name, category, date, type and file size.


Since the Lacerte/ProSeries DMS is designed to integrate directly with the Lacerte and ProSeries tax programs, the client list for the DMS is uploaded directly from the tax package. Of course, the tax and DMS programs are directly integrated so that a PDF copy of the tax return will be published directly to the DMS in the appropriate client folder.

Documents can be dragged and dropped from Windows Explorer. Integration to both email and online faxing allow users to send documents from directly within the DMS. A “Save to DMS” button allows for storing and retrieving files to the DMS from virtually any Windows application. Documents can also be scanned directly into the DMS folders.

Advanced Functionality:

In addition to typical password access control, the DMS goes a step further by allowing users to granularly establish user rights for document access that includes over 12 different permission settings such as export, delete, edit, etc.

Intuit provides a comprehensive suite of software tools to facilitate the automation of tax preparation workflows built around the foundation of the ProSeries and Lacerte tax programs.

Executive Summary & Pricing

Intuit continues its march towards being a single source of applications for running a small accounting and tax practice. If you are satisfied with the ProSeries or Lacerte tax programs, then you should be pleasantly surprised by the scope of features and functions in the integrated DMS at a price of $450 per year for ProSeries users and for $249 as part of the Lacerte productivity plus bundle that includes the Lacerte Tax Analyzer, Tax Planner and DMS.

2011 Overall Rating