CCH Small Firm Services — ATX & TaxWise Document Manager


CCH Small Firm Services - ATX & TaxWise Document Manager

From the July 2011 Review of Document Storage Systems

Best Firm Fit:
If you are using either the ATX or TaxWise tax and/or accounting software applications, then the Document Manager is a natural choice simply because of the direct integration with those applications.

Core Product Functions/Features:

The ATX & TaxWise Document Manager is an application that is designed to be used with both of these solutions. The strategy for each of these respective tax products is to integrate them into a common set of accounting firm applications that includes trial balance, payroll, client accounting and more. The Document Manager is central to both application suites.


  • Integrated suite of small firm tax & accounting applications
  • Integrated file archiving feature
  • Companion Scan&Fill application for automating the 1040 scanning process
Potential Limitations:
  • Only available as an “on-premise” solution with no hosting option available
  • No direct integration with MS Office, other than Outlook for e-mail

The files are organized in a traditional folder structure based on a client > year > application model. Users can define custom folders as desired to organize files according to their own priorities. If the firm is comfortable with Windows Explorer then staff will have no trouble navigating the Document Manager folders.

A PDF print driver is provided to convert any reports or documents to PDF and store them directly in the Document Manager folders. Users can search for documents by name, taxpayer ID number and entity type. Files can also be searched based on the status that has been assigned to them, including Verified and Correct, Verified and Need Review/Correction, or Work in Progress.


The primary strength of integration is with the ATX & TaxWise tax and accounting applications, which allow firms to publish PDF copies of the output and store them directly in the Document Manager. Documents from other applications can also be uploaded to the Document Manager.

Integration with Outlook facilitates sending documents from the Document Manager as encrypted file attachments. Documents can be scanned directly into the system, but users will need the integrated Scan&Fill application to process and run OCR (optical character recognition) conversion of the scanned documents (see for more information).

Advanced Functionality:

The primary method for securing documents is via the user’s login credentials. In addition, a detailed audit trail of document access history is available. A document check-in/check-out procedure manages the process of allowing users to open a document for editing while still making the document available for viewing by other users. A document archive feature facilitates backing up files into three distinct groups: active clients, non client folders and inactive clients.

The companion Scan&Fill application is a workflow automation tool that will perform document and data recognition on scanned 1040 source documents and transfer appropriate data from the forms to the ATX and TaxWise tax software. Scan&Fill also recognizes but does not transfer data for the following forms: 1098, Schedule K-1 and Form 8879.

Executive Summary & Pricing

The ATX & TaxWise Document Manager is a natural solution for firms that are using the respective tax preparation packages. When you bundle it with the Scan&Fill application to automate your scanning and data-entry process, the value proposition becomes even more compelling. At a price of $490, the return on investment comes pretty quickly.

2011 Overall Rating