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From the July 2011 Review of Document Storage Systems

Best Firm Fit:
ViewWise is a good fit for small and mid-size firms that want a system to manage documents across the entire firm, not just for client tax and accounting files.

Core Product Functions/Features:

Of all the solutions included in our review of document storage systems, ViewWise has the most comprehensive set of features and functions. A case can be made that ViewWise should be included in the document management review (, rather than with the document storage solutions.

The interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. The most recent release includes an updated interface that emulates the MS Office 2010 ribbon. Files are organized by server > cabinet > folder > sub-folder. The folder structure can be designed according to the firm’s preferences. Folder text can also be color-coded to visually identify the document type.


  • Integrated suite of “paperless” applications
  • Depth of document security controls
  • Integration with MS Office applications
  • Document viewer supports more than 400 file formats
Potential Limitations:
  • No direct integration with tax & accounting software applications
  • Not available as a web-hosted option

Document search includes full-text search based on the document’s contents. Users can click on a button to display their 10 most recent searches in order to access the documents most recently worked on.


While ViewWise has no pre-built direct integration with tax and accounting programs, integrations can be built easily using the ViewWise Application enabler, a tool used to build integrations within minutes non-programmatically, it does offer some features that help to streamline the process of uploading files into the system. Direct integration with MS Office 2010 is provided via add-in buttons to store and retrieve files directly to/from ViewWise from within the Office applications. In addition, a new feature allows users to directly save any file on the workstation into ViewWise by right-clicking on the file(s) and sending it to ViewWise.

ViewWise provides for direct scanning and upload of documents, as well as OCR conversion.

Advanced Functionality:

A number of advanced features help separate ViewWise from the rest of the pack in terms of document management. The company offers an entire suite of “paperless” applications, including workflow, e-mail archiving and more.

Document security settings can be established at a very granular level to control access at the user level. A detailed audit trail of document activity is provided, and the system maintains/manages multiple versions of a file as it progresses through its lifecycle. Document retention policies can be established to help automate the document purging process and consistently apply the firm’s retention policy. Data is stored in 128-bit encryption format to help keep users in compliance with information privacy regulations.

Executive Summary & Pricing

ViewWise’s feature set is very comprehensive in regards to managing the organization of a firm’s files, integrating the DM into your workflow, and managing the security and retention of documents. The pricing for ViewWise starts at $5,000.

2011 Overall Rating