Tax Season Survival Guide -- 2006

From the January 2006 Issue

Every January, The CPA Technology Advisor provides a special Tax Season Survival Guide, offering useful tips on preparing for the upcoming tax preparation season, as well as additional features and tax-specific resources. This year's Guide covers a variety of subjects, from a feature about tax and financial planning, to integrating payroll services into your practice. Additionally, our Executive Editor introduces the 2006 team of editorial staff and contributors. You are likely to recognize many of them, as they are all well-known and respected professionals, many of them are also practicing CPAs. Each of the members of this Dream Team offer a few tips for tax season, and are dedicated to improving the professional lives of America’s practicing accountants. 

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Meet America's Tax & Accounting Technology Dream Team
Public accounting is a very special profession. I’m sure you each vividly remember your first day on the job, fresh out of school and … dumb as a box of rocks. Of course, you didn’t know the last part. You (foolishly) assumed that your education had readied you for the actual PRACTICE of public accounting.
Dispelling the Myths of Financial Planning
Many advisors shy away from offering financial planning for reasons that do not hold up to the forgotten truths of today’s financial service industry. Reality tells us otherwise: Incorporating planning services will not only provide additional revenue and longer-standing customers, but will be required in order for all representatives to remain competitive.
An Introductory Marketing Guide to Building a Payroll Business
You may have actively avoided payroll preparation entirely, or you may be preparing only your firm’s payroll. Or you may have one or two payroll clients. And you’ve been hearing others talk about their payroll practices. You may have even seen for yourself: Payroll can be profitable.
Vendor Community Building
The professional service trades have a long history of relationship networking and have often utilized the power of community to get new clients, to meet more prospects and to generally market their services, but there is more to be accomplished.
Review of Tax Research Applications
It may be an over simplification to say that all clients are different, but this is one of the reasons that tax preparation can be challenging.
Treasury Unveils New Electronic Tax Campaign
The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) saw a record year in 2005 in terms of enrollment and use. But many taxpayers and tax preparers have yet to realize the benefits of using this free service to pay all their federal tax payments.
IRS Redesigns Website
The Internal Revenue Service recently redesigned its web site at, so professionals who routinely use it as a resource during tax season should get re-acquainted with the site prior to the tax season rush.
NASBA Explains New Web-Based CPE Tracking Tool
At the September Florida CPA Society Show in Fort Lauderdale last month, I stopped in at the booth for the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) which is promoting the soon-to-be-released web-based CPE tracking tool.
On the Lighter Side
New words for the modern workplace vocabulary.