2007 Tax Season Survival Guide

From the January-March 2007 Issue

Every January, The CPA Technology Advisor provides this special Tax Season Survival Guide, offering a review of tax research applications, useful tips on preparing for the upcoming tax preparation season, and additional features and tax-specific resources. This year's Guide covers a variety of subjects, from tips for selecting scanners and paperless office systems, to strengthening storage and backup protocols, and insight into emerging technologies that will help shape productivity in accounting practices in the years to come. Additionally, contributors Dave McClure and Roman Kepczyk, CPA.CITP provide their technology predictions for 2007. We hope this guide helps you prepare for the busy season and year to come. 

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Busy as an Accountant During Tax Season
It’s that time of year — time for tax, audit, new business plans, new technology implementation and the cold of winter spreading over the northern half of the United States.
Emerging Technologies
Sometimes, developments in technology seem to be creeping along. At other times, the changes are occurring at a gallop. The emerging technologies that will affect your business for the next three to five years need to be understood and exploited. What are the top emerging technologies?
IT Predictions for 2007 & Beyond
Evolutions of information technology have had a profound impact on tax and accounting firm production processes leading to almost completely digital processes as best practices in firms today.
Best Practices: Selecting a Scanner
With paperless and document storage initiatives at firms and companies in full swing, one of the key components of any efficient process is the scanner. Even though scanners have come a long way since simple flatbeds, the choices and implementation can be overwhelming.
Best Practices: Paperless Office Planning
As each year passes and technology processes become more advanced, paperless (or less paper) solutions are increasingly popular throughout businesses of all kinds.
Free for the Taking: What Can Google do for You?
Apparently, there is such a thing as a free lunch — at least in Google Land. The Internet search Goliath is offering tax and accounting professionals and all other U.S. businesses free coupon advertising on its Google Maps site.
Storage & Backup Are Only Getting More Important
Have you ever lost a critical file? How about a whole hard drive? We have content management or paperless documents, Microsoft Office documents from productivity applications, tax and audit files, e-mail, business management solution or accounting files, pictures, music, and more.
Vista: Ready to Launch, But Which Version?
Well, here it is the middle of October (when I’m writing this column). The 2006 tax season is finally drawing to an end, and the 2007 season is only three months away — now that’s depressing.
What are You Missing?
As the professional tax preparation market has seemed to grow smaller as a result of mergers and acquisitions, the capabilities of most of the programs on the market have actually grown considerably, with tax prep programs now offering all-in-one bundles where they used to offer modules for the various filing entities.
It's a New Year! Make a Resolution
Login please and enter your password. It’s that demand you see so many times every day. Want to log onto your computer? Enter your password. Check e-mail? Enter your password.
Tech Predictions for 2007
If the technology scene in 2005 was too boring for words, 2006 was downright strange. The major re-write of the Telecommunications Act, which would have overhauled video franchise rules nationwide...
Tax Research Review
The tax library of 2007 represents a time of transition for tax research products — a time when research products have begun to deliver on the promises of dynamic linking of research materials. Tax research products have evolved greatly — changes to be measured in terms of light years, moving from print media to CD-based systems...