Paper, Money & Praise

Paper, Paper Paper!!!

If you’re like me, the vast amount of paper that appears in all areas of your life is just overwhelming. (Did I mention that I have four little girls under the age of 10? So just the refrigerator alone needs its own document management system!)

How much time do you waste every day shuffling through papers or looking for something in a certain file? Today’s document management systems and document storage systems are evolving at a rapid pace with a number of new companies emerging and expanded feature sets being introduced. In this issue, we review document management systems (see page 8), and in our August 2007 issue we will explore the document storage products.

PLUS, on our Productivity in Practice feature on page 36, you can read about one firm’s success story since going paperless. They reported revenue increases of almost 20 percent, while total firm hours have dropped about 6 percent. Now that is Productivity in Practice.

Now if I could just get one of those vendors to solve my refrigerator’s paper system, we would be all set!

Money, Money, Money!!!

Walk the Show. Wear the Shirt. Win the Bucks. (It doesn’t get much easier than that!) We will be giving away $1,400 in cash at the 2007 California Accounting & Business Show & Conference on Monday, June 4, 2007. Stop by the booth of our participating sponsor to pick up your FREE shirt for a chance to win FREE money (see page 73 for details). Let us hear you say, “Show me the money!”

Praise for your Peers! or Toot your own Horn!

The nomination period for The CPA Technology Advisor’s 2007 “40 Under 40” awards is now open, but the deadline is approaching very quickly. We need all nominations by June 15, 2007. Go online to for complete details, and submit your picks for the young professionals you see in your firm, your state society or your association who will be the thought leaders of tomorrow. We will announce this prestigious list in our September 2007 issue.

Webcasts & Podcasts Summer Schedule

This summer, you can attend any of the wide selection of FREE webcasts we’re offering, and you can receive FREE CPE credit for doing so. Register today for the following events:

  • Technology’s Impact on Workflow in the Accounting Firm — June 14 (see page 7)
  • Trends in Electronic Transactions — July 17 (see page 68)
  • E-Marketing as a Business Development Tool — August 2 (see page 31)
  • And have you checked out the podcast programs on our website? Maybe you’re still a bit confused on the whole thing? Greg defines podcasting and answers all your questions (see page 74). Podcasts are a great way to get information on the go, and many people just listen to them from their computer. Greg says “try it; you’ll like it!” And trust me, that long flight with someone’s baby screaming in the next row is almost bearable when you have the earphones in from your MP3 player and you’re catching up on your favorite podcast programs like Tech2Go while heading to your summer vacation destination.