Winners, Wares & Wisdom

From the August 2007 Issue

The Envelope Please

And the winners are … announced here:
The CPA Technology Advisor’s 2007 Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Award winners were announced at the California Accounting & Business Show in L.A. and then recognized again at the AICPA TECH+ Conference in Las Vegas. You can see representatives from each of the winning companies accepting their award and talking about their products on the Accountants Video Network — it’s the next best thing to being there live, and a whole lot cheaper too, depending on your luck at the tables in Vegas! (Visit, and click on the “Tech for your Practice” channel to view video segments on each winner.)

So Many Choices, So Little Time
The CPA Technology Advisor’s Annual Software Selection Guide is once again featured in this August issue. Think of it as the “yellow pages for the accounting profession.” This directory of products (see page 61) is broken down into various categorical sections that allow you to easily find a specific product for your practice or a more specialty niche product for a particular client. Every vendor was offered the opportunity to have a free listing in this guide, and some even upgraded their listing to provide you with additional and valuable information at your fingertips. As an additional resource, we also encourage you to visit the “Buyer’s Guide” link on our site ( where you can search by company name or product name in numerous categories. It’s like the massive search engines, but narrowed down to a size you can actually use and specific to only the products you are interested in for your practice or ones that would benefit your business clients. And it’s available 24/7.

Chock-full of Technology Advice
Our columnists and regular contributing writers (affectionately referred to around here as “The Dream Team”) have really outdone themselves in this issue. These pages really are chock-full (which means “full to the limit” or “crammed” for those of you scratching your heads) of practical technology advice.

In this issue, you will find the following (and more):

  • Information to help point you in the right direction (Dave gives advice on GPS systems on page 32 — one of the greatest technology inventions ever, in my opinion, especially for those of us who are somewhat “directionally challenged”);
  • Words of wisdom to apply in your practice (Roman provides practical security tips on page 30, and, on page 40, Brent offers transition tips to those of you switching (or anticipating the switch) to Office 2007); and
  • Sage advice to assist you with helping your business clients (Lisa elaborates on how you and your clients can be more efficient with eBanking on page 36, and Doug presents the case on page 50 for offering off-the-shelf or customized software installation and training while the opportunity is at the door).

And that’s just a few examples to get you started. Be prepared to learn a few new things today, and feel your technology IQ rise. (Don’t forget you can also listen to all our columnists each month as they provide a podcast version of their column at where you can play the programs directly from your computer or download them to your MP3 player.)