CYMA Systems, Inc. — CYMA Not-For-Profit Edition

From the Oct. 2007 Review of NFP Accounting Systems

CYMA has recently released version 9.2 of its nonprofit software. CYMA is no newcomer to the field, having offered its software to small and midsize businesses since 1980. Version 9.2 continues this tradition with a host of new features.

CYMA’s main user interface screen features a dropdown menu bar at the top of the screen with access to various program functions. The currently accessed module is displayed directly below the menu bar and can be changed by clicking on the arrow next to the module. eDesk is a web-enabled desktop that links with CYMA, allowing users to customize the system, display links to selected web pages, and display shortcuts to frequently used system reports and other functions that are used on a regular basis.

Data-entry screens are easily navigated, and dropdown lists and lookup options are available throughout. The DataGrid, used throughout, makes it easy to not only enter data, but also to edit and view system data by offering control over columns and lines contained in the grid. Users can also choose what method of data entry to utilize: Standard, Keypad or Speed Entry.

CYMA is a modular system with the System Manager module (required) being the centerpiece of the system. Additional modules include AP, AR, Bank Reconciliation, GL, Grant Tracking for Nonprofits (new), Job Costing, Payroll, Purchase Order, and Sales Order modules, all of which can be purchased as needed. Add-ons include a MICR Check Package, Crystal Reports, F9 and CYMA’s Online Backup. As well, more than one dozen third-party applications are also available, including fundraising software, time and billing, and human resource management. CYMA runs on Pervasive SQL, which is purchased separately from the base system and which can be utilized for up to 50 users. The System Manager Training Guide takes users through the complete system setup.

As previously noted, the newest version contains numerous product enhancements and additions, including smoother data entry with the addition of the ‘Quick Entry’ option. Also new is One-Step posting, a quick select option for AP, the addition of the ‘Auto Apply’ feature for posting payments, and even a Quick Budget entry. CYMA’s account number structure allows up to 24 alphanumeric characters and up to 10 segments to be used as needed. Chart of accounts templates are representative of the type of nonprofit organization being managed, such as Religious, Humane and Educational.

The Grant Tracking module, new last year, allows users to track all grant-related expenses and funding sources, and contains an area to record ‘actions,’ which is any activity such as phone calls or meetings directly related to the grant. While configuring the Grant Tracking module, users can set the tracking criteria desired and track only the information needed. Users can also utilize the user-defined fields to implement even more tracking levels. Allocations are easily maintained using an unlimited number of accounts. Allocations can be assigned percentages or unit type and can be assigned in both the GL and AP modules. More than 100 customized data fields can be created using the Custom Data Designer.

Using Crystal Reports, CYMA produces necessary financial reports such as Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities and Statement of Cash Flows. The Grant Reports options include Fund Source Listing, Activity Type Listing, and Budget Summary by Grant. Crystal Reports and F9 add-ons increase report functionality tremendously, providing an option for customized reports and spreadsheets.The Financial Calculator function provides various calculation functions such as financial ratios, along with cash flow and loan comparison. CYMA reports can be displayed on-screen, printed, e-mailed, saved to a file or exported using a variety of file formats such as PDF, Excel, Word and HTML.

The Software Maintenance Plan from CYMA provides users with continuous product enhancements and software upgrades for one year. The cost is 18 percent of the software purchased. Also available is the Technical Support Plan, which provides users with unlimited telephone support. Pricing varies depending on the number of users but starts at $395 for a single user. CYMA offers training guides for the core modules or the complete CYMA package. Online classes are also available every month; just check CYMA’s website for class schedules.

CYMA modules start at $595 each; additional users are also $595 each. The Pervasive Workgroup database is $140, and the server edition for up to 50 users is $4,595. CYMA Not-For-Profit Edition is an affordably priced, flexible software product that would suit the needs of the small to midsize nonprofit organization quite well.

2007 Overall Rating: 5 Stars