Tenenz — Accounting & Financial Site Builder

From the Dec. 2007 Feature on Website Builders for Accountants

The Tenenz Accounting & Financial Site Builder (AFSB) is a website creation and management tool specifically designed for accounting and tax practices, providing a professional site design with multiple visitor tools, including financial and tax calculators and client-focused newsletters and resource materials. The program offers good customization options and numerous templates, along with support for inserting image and logo files, for creating highly personalized firm websites with an unlimited number of pre-defined and custom pages.

The automated content available for websites built using the AFSB system include a periodic client newsletter with articles covering financial management and tax and planning topics for individuals and small businesses. Several client financial and tax calculators and other tools are also included. Practices can also elect to include online client tax organizers or additional optional content, such as more in-depth brochures on several tax and financial-related topics.

The system also includes a client information gathering tool, allowing users to sign up to receive e-mailed newsletters, reminders, appointment scheduling and other information from the practice, while also providing a valuable sales resource. This tool is even more valuable when used with the client management system, which enables the creation of client groups for sending e-mail and newsletters directly from within the AFSB website system. These marketing tools are a great feature for professionals actively trying to grow their practice. The program includes a personalized firm domain name (www.yourfirmname.com), a subdomain (www.afsb.net/yourfirm), and also includes up to five e-mail addresses.

During initial website setup, AFSB offers a decent selection of templates with additional customization of color schemes and layouts to help develop a site unique to each firm. The system’s Site Management Center acts as the central interface for creating, maintaining and editing a practice’s website, with initial setup tasks guided by a wizard that simplifies all functions by using a step-by-step chart to help ensure no components are missed and to let users know where they are in the process. The wizard also provides information windows for each setup item, explaining what each is for and how to perform the task. Also during initial setup or editing of the website, the user can select which client-focused content to include on the site by simply checking them off a list of available options, including the newsletters, calculators and other items. Content created by the firm can either be added to a webpage or uploaded as a PDF document that can be downloaded by clients and visitors.

When creating pages for topics like About Us, Profile, Services and other common areas, AFSB includes pre-written copy that is generic to tax and accounting firms and can be edited to suit the specific needs of a practice. Although no HTML knowledge is necessary to use the site building tool, it is helpful in order to have better control over text formatting and styles. Websites created with AFSB offer traditional navigation structures that are user-friendly and customizable, while also keeping a professional feel and offering quick access to client tools. The professional practice maintains control over all website content and copy. Full technical support is included with subscriptions to the AFSB website building services, while various assistance resources are also available within the system.

AFSB provides good content and excellent user tools, making it simple to get a website up in just a few minutes. The system offers good support during setup and editing tasks, and provides a great marketing component in its e-mail and client information collection functions. AFSB is inexpensive, too, with no setup costs and pricing for basic websites starting at less than $20 per month.