2008 Tax Season Survival Guide

2008 Tax Season Survival Guide

From the January 2008 Issue

The rush will soon be on, so take these last few comparatively calm weeks to prepare for the impending tax season. With advice on business communication tools, security and adding multiple monitors to your display, several experts offer advice to help you be more productive this tax season.

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The Season Offers Challenges, But Also Big Rewards
Tax Season: It will get busy and it will probably get hectic. You will work late and may see less of your family for the next few months. But you're working for a successful practice that helps individuals and business owners, and that helps you enjoy your life away from work with family and friends. The technology you use during the year, both to directly provide service to clients and to manage your practice, is essential to your productivity.
BEST PRACTICES: Encryption Keys & Tools
Now that we are in an era where private information is routinely transmitted via e-mail and the Internet across public networks, how can we be confident in the security of that information while it is in transit and when it is stored digitally? This article explores and explains how to keep critical information safe.
BEST PRACTICES: Implementing Dual Monitors
The multi-screen monitor movement is in full-swing, and there's good reason: Firms using multiple monitor displays report dramatically increased productivity by their employees. Is a dual or triple screen monitor right for your desk and your practice? This article can help you figure this out and tell you the easy steps to installing additional monitors.
Branding, Marketing & Business Development for Your Firm
Today's contemporary firms manage their practice with a different focus and vision than the accounting profession deployed in the past. Traditionally, firms used to rely on quality service and referrals as almost their exclusive method of winning new business. Now, a large number of firms use "old school" marketing and sales techniques and nurture business development strategies as well as advertising to attract new clients.