Real Asset Management Signs with WordSmith PR

OKLAHOMA CITY – WordSmith Public Relations has been contracted by Real Asset Management International (RAMI) to support its North American operations. As its agency of record, WordSmith Public Relations will provide RAMI with strategic planning, editorial production and national media outreach services.

A leading developer of accounting and logistics software for mid-sized and large enterprises, RAMI’s solutions allow these businesses to automate the management of large asset bases, determine and implement the most advantageous depreciation strategies, and comply with state and federal reporting regulations.

“We are excited to bring in the technology communications expertise of WordSmith PR,” said Marcus Scholes, VP of U.S. Operations for Real Asset Management International. “In selecting an agency, we sought a firm with extensive knowledge of our market and believe WordSmith is unique in its qualifications. We are confident that their experience with financial and technology media will help increase the visibility of RAMI’s products to businesses that will benefit from streamlined asset administration.”

Real Asset Management International has offices in Boston and Des Moines, Iowa (U.S. corporate headquarters). The company’s European headquarters is located just outside of London, England.

About RAMI
Real Asset Management International, a leading provider of fixed asset management solutions, has implemented over 3,000 systems in more than 70 countries. RAMI’s solutions enable businesses to determine and implement optimal accounting strategies, maintain compliance with federal and state taxation and perform asset budgeting and forecasting. The company’s solutions also include lessee asset accounting, capital project control, document management, inventory control, asset tracking, helpdesk support and maintenance management.

About WordSmith
WordSmith Public Relations specializes in providing tech-focused companies with compelling campaigns that focus on the full 21st Century media spectrum: online, mobile, broadcast and print. By creating persuasive messaging geared specifically toward target audiences and delivered in a manner they are most receptive to, WordSmith achieves measurable results for its clients.