Programs Add Value To Tax Services

From the April/May 2008 Review of Tax Compliance Suites

Not every professional tax compliance system provides every possible feature, which is probably a good thing, since this could likely result in overly cluttered programs that would be harder to navigate with a negative effect on productivity. And not every practice needs the same compliance tools that a professional a few blocks away or a town over needs.

Many firms and individuals have found a specialty niche that distinguishes them from other firms, which results in different clients, different workflow processes and different technological needs. As such, there are many products that can strengthen a professional practice by adding specific specialty functions or increased capabilities, whether as an integrated component of the tax system or as a stand-alone program.

Among these are systems that automate workflow processes, increase diagnostic capabilities, improve compilation of workpapers and give a practice greater assurance of due-diligence through automated checklists. While there are likely dozens or more such products that individual practices have found beneficial to their specific client base and workflow processes, here are a few that stand out, enhancing the tax practices that use them.

Check out these programs that can enhance your firm's tax services:

HC Sharp: 1040 Review

SurePrep: DreamWorkpapers

XCM Solutions; XCM Accelerated Workflow Automation