PC Software Accounting, Inc. Offers Write-Up & Accounting Options

From the Nov. 2008 Review of Client Write-Up Systems

[Note: This article appeared as a sidebar with our review of write-up systems.]

It seems like the professional tax and accounting software market continues to shrink through buyouts and mergers. So it’s nice to occasionally note smaller technology vendors who serve the profession and have achieved success by offering programs that either fill a niche missed by the big guys or offer a different approach to more common tasks.

PC Software Accounting, Inc. (PCSAI) is such a company, providing professional client write-up, payroll, fixed asset management, checkwriting and job cost programs. Most notably, the company’s Client Write-Up package has been very popular with its users, claiming second place in our 2007 Readers’ Choice Awards (www.CPATechAdvisor.com/go/1875). Initially developed in the early 1990s, the program is designed for accounting professionals and offers strong GL and journal functions, bank reconciliation features, after-the-fact payroll and fully customizable financials.

PCSAI’s Client Write-Up provides a comfortable user interface with intuitive menus and heads-up or heads-down navigation functions. Client and vendor lists provide good sorting and filtering options, and data-entry and transaction screens are efficient. The program is designed so that users can keep all periods open indefinitely, allowing the professional to make changes and produce financial reports at any time and for any period. Likewise, the system’s integrated payroll functions allow for customization with support for direct deposit and electronic filing.

PC Software Accounting Inc.’s Client Write-Up system provides an audit trail and user-level password security features. It interfaces with QuickBooks and other client-side accounting programs, and allows reports and financials to be output into PDF, Excel or Word formats. An e-mail tool within the program can be used for sending documents electronically. Reports can be grouped and batched, and include options for summary and detailed financial statements, comparisons and consolidated financials, all of which can be customized using a built-in report writer.

PC Software Accounting, Inc.’s Client Write-Up program costs $795 for a single user; $895 for a network-ready, multi-user version. Unlimited tech support, and program updates are included in annual pricing.