Speedy Scan Company Inc. — Speedy Organizer

This is probably the simplest of all the solutions reviewed in this article. Speedy Organizer is designed as a simple tool to organize scanned images. The essential role of the product is to provide an interface to assign index values to scanned documents to expedite search and retrieval.

From the June 2009 Review of Document Storage Systems

Once you enter your login credentials, you’re welcomed by an attractive woman who invites you to view a series of short “step-by-step Help videos” on how to use the product. A simple toolbar along the top of the screen includes File, View, Settings, Database and Help. The primary control center is displayed along the left side of the screen. Here you will find a full menu of document search tools, a file upload panel, access to administrative settings and the ability to create a new document database.

Scanned documents are filed into the system by assigning index values to search the file. These index values are actually concatenated to create the filename for storage in Windows Explorer. The files themselves are stored in Explorer like all the other files so multiple user access to the documents is possible. The primary feature of Speedy Organizer is to search for files by the index values. Keyword search partial word searches can be done, and the ability to do partial word searches is often required when searching for in-frequently accessed files. You can also use the Windows Explorer search tool because the index values are converted into the filename.

Other than serving as a front-end file storage utility for Windows Explorer, there is no integration with other software applications. N/A

At a street price ranging from $220 to $279, the benefits derived from Speedy Organizer can be quite nominal and still make for a good value. So for the limited feature set of this application and the ease of use, it is fair to say that it offers a good overall value. The main decision you have to confront is whether it does enough for you in regards to managing your electronic document storage.