CAPSYS Capture

This article appeared as a sidebar to the July 2009 Review of Document Management Systems.

One of the biggest challenges of writing a review of document management solutions is dealing with the scope of the application. A comprehensive electronic document management solution (EDMS) requires four key components; capture, storage, processing (documents) and distribution. Within each of these categories, there is a wide range of features and functionality to consider. At the end of the day, it is very difficult to find a single vendor who hits a home run in each category. That is as elusive as a grand slam itself. Therefore, you may find that your strategy evolves towards finding a “best of breed” solution for a specific component that can integrate well with other vendor solutions.

CAPSYS Capture is an example of a best of breed solution. They have specialized in document capture and offer a comprehensive solution to automate this process as much as possible. What is unique about this solution is the fact that it is designed as a browser application, minimizing the technology deployment costs and issues. CAPSYS Capture can be implemented as a hosted SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application, or installed on premise. The system’s functionality includes automatic document cleanup of scanned images, bar code recognition to separate scanning from indexing, hand-printed character recognition, and capturing of documents from multiple sources including scanning, e-mail, electronic files and more.

This functionality is further enhanced by its integrated workflow module that lets you automate the routing of documents via the web, which provides you with maximum flexibility in designing your document capture process. I recommend you invest some time in sitting through one of their infomercial webinars so that you can expand your knowledge of the capabilities to automate the tedious process of document capture.