MBA Software – SERIES 3 Payroll

[This sidebar article appeared with the September 2009 Review of Professional Payroll Programs.]

A provider of small business software since 1979, MBA Software’s SERIES 3 suite of accounting and management programs offer full GL, AP, AR, distribution, manufacturing, estimating, data backup and payroll applications that include strong reporting and analysis features. SERIES 3 Payroll provides employee tracking and HR options, with the ability to pre-schedule payroll runs or process batch or individual checks on the fly.

The system includes departmental costing functions and users can manage multiple payrolls within the same business. SERIES 3 supports all federal and state payroll tax and compliance requirements, and can handle any number of employees. Unlimited customized deductions can be applied to employee checks, including benefit and retirement plans, union dues, garnishments and other options. The system also allows for varying pay frequencies and management of salaried, hourly, commissioned, tipped and piece work employees. Time off accruals for vacation and sick leave are also managed through the program.

Direct deposit is included, with the ability to distribute employee pay to up to four accounts, while paper checks can be printed at any time to blank check stock. Reports can be saved to PDF, and include payroll summaries, departmental summaries, check registers, period reporting, federal, state and local taxes, deferred compensation, new hires and many others. Forms 940, 941, W-2, 1099 and state compliance reports can also be easily generated. Data can be imported from time clock systems or exported to formats that can be imported by other accounting systems.