Specialized Business Solutions — Keystroke Point of Sale

From the September 2009 Review of Point-of-Sale Systems

Keystroke Point of Sale from Specialized Business Solutions offers a solid point-of-sale (POS) product that is well suited for specialty shops and smaller retailers.

The main menu of Keystroke POS contains function keys at the top of the screen and a main menu grid to the right, which offers access to all installed system modules, along with a custom option and exit option. Icons to the right of the main menu offer access to the various modules and functions, as well.

To enter a sales transaction, clerks simply click on the Sales Manager option at the top of the main menu, which then takes them to the sales invoice screen where they can enter information on a standard invoice format, or click on one of the function keys to the right of the invoice to choose from various options such as Clear Line, Edit Item or Lookup. Various tender options are listed, as well, and a calculator is provided at the bottom of the sales entry screen. For returning customers, a handy customer lookup option will display detailed customer information on-screen. Otherwise, a default cash customer can be used. Conveniently, both customers and products can be entered on the fly.

Modules included with Keystroke POS are the Sales Manager and the Database Manager, where inventory, customers, contacts and vendors are entered and tracked. Also included are the Purchase Manager, the Report Manager, the Label Manager and the Accounts Receivable Manager. Numerous custom modules are also available, including GL-Link, which offers easy integration with various accounting software; Import; Report/Label Editor; Matrix Manager; Production; and StoreLink, which can be used in a multi-store environment. Keystroke POS also offers Extensions — features that are not modular, but are added on to create greater functionality. Easily adaptable, Keystroke POS offers a level of scalability not often matched. Smaller retailers can easily purchase Keystroke’s base system and add additional modules over time.

Keystroke POS offers a customizable toolbar to suit the needs of multiple users. It offers a transaction capability of more than 6 million transactions, with the ability to store and access historical data when needed. Transactions can be reprinted or edited if necessary. Layaways, on-hold and sales orders can all be processed easily from the sales entry screen. Keystroke POS also supports gift registry and food stamps, and offers an age verification feature that prompts cashiers to request age verification documents when needed. Keystroke POS also offers custom transaction types to meet the needs of specific business types. Other features, such as customizable form capability, multiple pricing levels and an excellent customer database, add to the many useful features found in this product.

Keystroke POS is a fully integrated system. Custom modules like GL-Link allow Keystroke to integrate with popular accounting products such as Accpac, CYMA, Peachtree and QuickBooks. The Import module makes it easy to import data from other products into inventory, customer, department and vendor databases. The Integration Toolkit extension features dozens of custom-designed programs that work in specialty environments, and the QwikTouch extension offers e-commerce and product shipping integration as well as other features. For payment processing and gift card processing, Keystroke POS integrates with Mercury Payment Systems. It also works with the necessary hardware peripherals, including electronic cash drawers, barcode scanners, pole displays, magnetic credit card readers, MICR check readers and touch-screen monitors.

Keystroke POS offers excellent tracking capability, particularly customer tracking, including a complete customer transaction history. Inventory can be tracked by best and worst sellers. An excellent audit system tracks all data entered into the system as well as who entered it.

Reporting options are good and available in all of the modules. Clicking on a particular module will pull up the available reporting options for that module. You can also save frequently run reports for quick access and then run them all at the same time.

Keystroke POS is an excellent system highly suited for mid-sized retailers that desire a high level of flexibility and customization. Pricing starts at $1,295 for a single-user system, with additional workstations available for $495, making Keystroke POS not only powerful, but affordable, as well.

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