InfoTouch - Store Keeper POS

From the September 2009 Review of Point-of-Sale Systems

InfoTouch Corporation offers two versions of its POS Software: Store Keeper POS and Store Manager POS. Store Keeper POS is reviewed here and offers retailers pre-defined templates for various vertical markets, and is value priced for affordability.

The main user interface features a series of buttons offering access to various program functions such as the POS Register, Inventory, Customers, Employees, Transaction Manager, Replenishment, Setup, Timeclock and Backup. The Setup module is where all company specifications are entered, including defining departments and groups, setting up tax categories, adding credit and debit card criteria and additional business setup options. Inventory, customer and employee information can be set from this screen, as well.

Entering POS transactions is as simple as clicking on the register button, which will lead to a very colorful touch-screen interface that enables quick transaction entry. Transaction totals are displayed at the top of the screen, where the total appears. Items can also be rung up using a scanner, UPC/SKU entry, item button entry or by using a wildcard search. Store Keeper allows users to set up buttons that represent product groups. For example, product departments can be set up as Gifts, Toys, Clothing, etc., and clicking on one of these buttons will bring up a list of items found in that department. Users can switch between departments and register button screens for quicker transaction processing.

Modules that come standard with Store Keeper include the register module, along with inventory, customers, employees, purchase orders and reports. Store Keeper also includes integrated payment processing software that works with Mercury Payment Systems in order to process debit and credit cards along with check verification and gift card processing. Store Keeper is an excellent entry-level system that allows retailers to seamlessly upgrade to the more robust Store Manager if and when additional features are needed.

Store Keeper offers an extensive array of features and supports up to 60 registers per store. The pre-defined templates make store setup a relatively easy process. Cashiers can access customer history from the checkout screen, or lookup inventory levels using a variety of pre-defined criteria including location, UPC or via the wildcard. Customers can be accessed by name, number, telephone number or a user-defined description field.

The Manager menu provides access to system setup buttons, customer, cash and inventory transactions. It also allows users to reprint receipts, enter a lost sale and close out the current shift. The Inventory module supports up to 10 different pricing levels per item, and allows for complex pricing rules to be assigned, such as buy one get one free offer. Various options are also available when entering products, such as price override, non-discountable and substitution. A series of navigational arrows provide click through to all inventory recorded in the system.

Employees can easily clock in and out through the register, and management can track and schedule employees, and create employee commission plans. The Customer module allows for detailed customer information as well as customer account aging. The Replenishment module allows users to quickly replenish inventory levels by clicking the receive order function.

Store Keeper is a completely integrated system, with all modules working together seamlessly. The Touch Data Link allows users to easily prepare and send transaction logs, inventory levels and other log records to the central system. Updates can also be imported into the system from an external program. The Touch In/Touch Out feature allows users to define the database they want to export to or import from in Excel or ASCII formats.

Store Keeper gives users access to more than 100 reports found throughout the various modules, including over 40 inventory reports alone. Reports available include Movement, Merchandise Planning and Serialized items, as well as numerous audit reports such as Physical Audit, Adjustment Audit and Markdown Audit. Customer reports include a Contact List, Sales History, Payments/Adjustments and Rank by Sales. Transaction reports include a Register Shift report, Department Profit, Sales by Tender and Commission Sales.

InfoTouch Store Keeper is an excellent POS product. The small to mid-sized retailer will appreciate the easy system setup and solid reporting options. Value priced at $499 per register, there is no reason why retailers should not invest in this affordably priced, easily navigated system.

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