CAP Software - CAP Retail Manager

From the September 2009 Review of Point-of-Sale Systems

CAP Software has been designing point-of-sale (POS) software since 1978. Billing itself as the original retail POS and Inventory Control system, CAP Retail Manager is an easy-to-use POS product, suitable for just about any retail environment but ideally suited to businesses with multiple locations.

The main screen of CAP Retail Manager contains a series of tabs at the top of the screen, along with icons to the left that offer access to the POS feature along with Back Office access, if available in the version being used. The tabs at the top of the main interface screen offer quick access to various program functions including Reports, Purchasing, Tags, Names, Inventory, Vendors, Options and Help. Entering transactions begins by simply scanning the product UPC code or entering the product number. To the right of the main POS entry screen are several function buttons including the Hot Key option, where best-selling products can be set up and later accessed with the touch of a single button. Items can be assigned based on level of importance, and they can be color coded by group. Once a product code has been entered, the product image can be viewed for verification. The user interface is easily navigated and offers both left- and right-handed navigation capabilities.

CAP Retail Manager comes with the POS module and a Back Office processing option that offers reporting, ordering, receiving, inventory control and database management. Also available as an add-on module is CAP HQ, a multi-store and enterprise management feature that allows for the transfer and consolidation of data from multiple stores. This also allows inventory to be tracked by store, and maintains polling and store configuration along with producing log reports for each location. The vendor provides free built-in payment processing capability, and software customization is also available for those requiring a more specialized product.

CAP Retail Manager works best with a touch screen monitor to utilize the simple user interface. Once a product has been scanned or code entered, a description will appear below. From the sales entry screen, current customer information can be reviewed, allowing users to verify address, ship to and email address. The Exceptions button allows for edits to transactions, changing the product pricing, applying a customer discount or even processing a return. Five different types of tender processing are provided for: cash, check, credit card, gift card and gift certificate. The display also contains buttons that represent cash tender amounts for quick customer checkout and good register reconciliation. The Inventory module allows for settings such as food-stamp eligibility and tracking of all item warranties. Custom notes and “up sell” messages can also be set to display when a particular product is scanned. The vendor also offers reliable data backup and recovery services.

CAP Retail Manager works effectively as a front/back office retail solution. The POS module integrates with the previously mentioned add-on modules, which can be purchased when needed. It also integrates with QuickBooks 2009, using an integrated GL interface. CAP Retail Manager works with all the necessary hardware peripheral devices, as well, including PIN pads, credit card processing, magnetic card readers, cash drawers and barcode scanners.

CAP Retail Manager reporting options are solid and include an easy-to-use interface that displays reports in categories: Sales, Inventory and Customer. To the right of the screen, users can designate the timeframe, date range and store location for which reports are desired. Sales transaction reports can be viewed by summary or detail. The Inventory movement report keeps management up to date on best and worst selling products. Customer purchase history is easily accessible, and new item movement can be tracked, as well.

CAP Retail Manager is an excellent product for all types of retailers. Reasonably priced under $1,500 per station, this product would prove its value in just about any retail establishment, particularly those with multiple locations.

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