Addsum Inc. - Addsum Advanced Accounting

From the September 2009 Review of Point-of-Sale Systems

Advanced Accounting is the latest release of this completely integrated financial and point-of-sale (POS) product. Unlike many of the products reviewed in this issue, Advanced Accounting offers complete accounting functionality along with the POS module.

Advanced Accounting’s user interface features a drop-down menu that contains access to various system functions such as File, Module, Tools and Help. Directly below is a series of small tabs that lead to the installed modules. Advanced Accounting simplifies system setup, with sample accounts available along with the ability to import a chart of accounts from other software systems. The POS entry screen in is easily navigated. Clicking on the Code option at the bottom of the screen pulls up a list of products to be sold. Users can then select the correct product description, put in the quantity and then hit the Enter key to display the current total. Hitting Enter again displays the final total. Payment methods include cash, check, layaway, credit card and N10 for charge accounts. When the amount paid is entered, the screen will display cash back total, if any. An option to print the invoice for customers is also available.

As a fully functioning accounting system, Advanced Accounting offers GL, AP, AR, Sales Orders, Quotes/Contracts, Point of Sale, Inventory Control, Job Cost, Bill of Materials, Payroll, System Maintenance, and Utilities modules. Additional add-on modules include credit card processing, a UPS shipping interface, and Time & Billing. For those who wish to customize their software, product source code is available, as well. Advanced Accounting is also extremely scalable, offering the capability to easily expand from a single-user system to providing support for hundreds of system users.

Version 7i of Advanced Accounting has been in the works for several years. New in this version is a redesigned inventory lookup option. Advanced Accounting now also offers support for dual monitors. The POS option provides access not only to the sales register, but other related functions including POS reports, post POS transactions, layaway transactions and the cash out report. The sales entry screen allows for a default walk-in customer or for a search of an established customer. A series of tabs at the bottom of the screen provides access to various functions related to items already in the register, such as changing the product description, changing the quantity, adding or changing a discount, or adding a personalized message. The Reconcile Register process provides a quick way to balance out registers at the end of a shift.

Each user interface can be configured to reflect each individual’s preferences. Various levels of authority can also be assigned to each employee for performing certain functions such as canceling a sale, allowing layaway access, or changing or refunding a prior sales transaction. An excellent audit trail provides a detailed report of all transactions processed in the system, along with the register and clerk numbers. The price matrix in the Inventory Control module allows for defined discounts and markup percentages. Flat discount rates can also be used, if desired.

All of Advanced Accounting’s standard modules and add-ons integrate seamlessly. With its solid back-end customization capabilities, the program can also be modified to suit various types of retail businesses. Advanced Accounting also works with all necessary hardware peripherals including barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, pole displays and barcode printers.

Advanced Accounting offers decent reporting options, with a series of financial reports available along with the standard POS and inventory reports. The final release of version 7i promises several new reports, as well. Product tracking and performance is easily monitored. Customer information such as credit limit and year-to-date sales can also be tracked. Report processing screens contain all the necessary lookup options along with limited customization capability.

Advanced Accounting provides a solid POS module. It’s affordably priced at $299 for a single user and $799.99 for unlimited users. While it’s not a high-volume product, it is ideal for small to mid-sized retailers with a need for strong front/back office processing.

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