Virtual Software — Virtual Time & Virtual Expense

[This article accompanied the 2009 Review of Time & Billing Programs]

Virtual Software has created a web-based time and billing product that has been included in the Intuit Marketplace and the company is an Intuit Gold Developer. In addition to integrating with QuickBooks, the Virtual Time and Virtual Expense programs also integrate with Peachtree, ADP and PayChex. When firms integrate with QuickBooks, the billing is actually done in the QuickBooks application, not these programs.

Setting up the time and expense systems is fairly easy due to the importing features. Virtual Software allows firms to import client, staff and billing data from other products. Therefore manual data entry is not required.

The programs provide user interfaces that are quite intuitive. The time and expense entry screens are simple and straight forward. Users can manage their time with the calendar view. The calendar view shows the amount of time entered for each day of the month. It also displays the amount of submitted and unsubmitted time. This is a nice graphic review tool for each user.

User can streamline the expense reimbursement process with Virtual Software. The product also allows users to scan images of invoices and then attach the invoices to daily expense entries.

The Virtual Software programs also offer a nice automated e-mail reminder system that automatically sends e-mails to staff members that have not entered their time on a predetermined basis.

Management analysis and reporting can be easily performed and the programs have all of the standard reporting capabilities of most time and billing products on the market. Take the time to visit Virtual Software’s website to learn if this time and billing product is a good fit for your firm. I think you will be impressed.