RBS' W2 Mate Provides Affordable Compliance

This article appeared as a sidebar to the October 2009 Review of W-2/1099 Compliance Systems.

In addition to payroll software, forms and supplies, Real Business Solutions offers the W2 Mate year-end W-2/1099 file system for small businesses and professionals. Pricing starts at just $39 for a program that handles more than just the basics, provisding solutions that meet IRS and SSA requirements for W-2 and 1099 forms (Misc, Int, Div, R). It also offers the ability to print or use an-in e-filing feature.

W2 Mate’s interface and intuitive navigation menus make management and preparation of client and recipient data simple, while automatically aggregating data and producing 1096 and W-3 transmittal summaries. The system can support any number of client filers and their recipients, offers import of payer and payee data from QuickBooks and CSV files, and exports to Excel. Users can generate forms and reports to plain paper or pre-printed forms, and the network-ready W2 Mate system can be used by any number of users in the same office.

Real Business Solutions also offers the Payroll Mate system, which provides small businesses with an automated live and after-the-fact payroll processing system that includes quarterly/annual reporting capabilities, customized deductions and income categories and support for all states. Starting at $99, the Payroll Mate program can be used in a number of industries, includinc churches, schools and municipalities.