WageFiling LLC — WageFiling.com

From the October 2009 Review of W-2/1099 Compliance Systems.

WageFiling.com is a recent addition to the W-2/1099 marketplace, providing a totally web-based year-end reporting and compliance solution that can be used by individual businesses or firms managing these processes for several entities. The system includes e-filing to the IRS and SSA, as well as full print functionality for producing forms on blank paper stock. WageFiling.com can support unlimited client payers and any number of employees or other recipients, and supports all state and federal filing requirements. Pricing is $3.49 per form for e-file only and $3.99 for combined e-file and print, with payment collected only when a form is filed or printed. When the combined e-file and print option is selected, the vendor manages print and mail functions as a service, freeing users from these processes.

After logging into the system, users are presented with a basic client/payer selection screen that displays company name and form type, options for e-filing and printing, along with status if forms have not yet been filed or printed. The system provides options for adding new filers, printing forms (after the service has been paid for) and checkout (payment). An instruction area offers step-by-step guidance to the process of adding filers, preparing forms and finalizing returns. When setting up a new payer client, the entity can only be assigned one tax form type (such as W-2 or one of the 1099 versions), so for small businesses likely to have multiple form filing needs, users will need to create a payer in the system for each form type.

Within a payer’s records, WageFiling.com provides a similarly basic recipient selection list (neither sortable nor filterable), once again only for that particular form type, with options for adding payees, changing filer company or returning to the main menu. When selecting an existing recipient form or creating a new one, the program immediately opens to a form replica for the form type and year selected, providing mouse and tab navigation through the fields. Payer information is automatically completed on the form, but it does not offer automatic computation of withholding for W-2s or provide other calculation features. All forms provide access to PDF versions of official instructions.

After completing the checkout process, the program populates transmittal forms W-3 and 1096 with appropriate data and electronically files them, providing users with the option to print them as well, if this option has been selected. Once processed, forms remain accessible to the user for as long as they need them, allowing reprints or viewing at any time.

Aside from options for printing compliance forms and recipient copies, WageFiling.com doesn’t really offer any managerial reporting. Client or recipient lists can be roughly copied and pasted from the website, but formatting can be difficult. All e-filing is included in system pricing and, with the combined e-file and print option, WageFiling.com staff members also take care of printing and mailing of recipient copies, including postage costs. While the limited reporting options make the system less suitable for large employers or other filers, the system should offer enough functionality for the smaller payers (and accountants managing their reporting processes) for which WageFiling.com is designed.

WageFiling.com does not offer import or export capabilities, although if users have a PDF print utility installed they can save/print to PDF format. For small entities with only a few forms and recipients to enter, the lack of import may not be significant, but that needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of the client company.

WageFiling.com is an exceptionally easy-to-use wage and information reporting system, in part because it doesn’t try to do too many things. It offers basic reporting tools for smaller payers, including those who file 941, 942, 943 and 944s, but with only a few recipients. The system’s Help utility is essentially a How Do I list, while other options include a definitions list and the ability to print sample forms. Live technical assistance is free.