Serenic Software - Serenic Navigator

From the Nov. 2009 Review of Not-for-Profit Accounting Programs.

Serenic Navigator is a powerful financial software designed for nonprofit organizations, public sector entities, and NGO’s. Serenic Navigator has successfully combined a strong core system with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to create a powerful, yet easy to use product.

Serenic Navigator 2009 applies Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 technology and functionality to Navigator’s core features with a new user interface and user experience through the use of Role Centers that leverage productivity features within the newest Dynamics NAV platform. Employees enjoy personalized Role Centers that give a comprehensive overview of the information and tasks most relevant to their jobs directly on their desktops. A visual map with elements specific to employees’ own jobs leads to faster adoption among users with the ability to quickly navigate to the information, reports and actions they need.

The Serenic Navigator flagship financial management product contains core functionality, as well as Advanced Allocations, Budgeting/Forecasting, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Sales Orders, and Procurement capability. Navigator’s Extended Product Suite includes AwardVision (a grant management module), CommunityCare (consumer services funding management software) and DonorVision (which manages all of your donors and donations). Also included are MinistryView, Human Resources/Payroll, and Deposits/Loans modules, along with various web portals that provide real-time secure data access. Other vital features and functions include Multi-Currency and Multi-Language capability, an Integrated Excel Report Writer, an Excel Consolidated Export Tool, Workflow Management with Approvals, and, of course, Microsoft Office Integration.
With Microsoft Dynamics NAV architecture, Serenic Navigator offers unparalleled scalability, with all extended suite products available to add to the core financial suite as an organization grows.

Serenic Navigator’s account number structure allows for up to 120 alphanumeric characters with up to 10 account segments, so accounts can be organized in a logical fashion. The latest version of Serenic Navigator also contains an extensive array of product enhancements and system additions, including an improved user interface, the addition of cross-module features such as Extended Fields, Entity Integration, Interaction Management, and Dimension Attributes. The AdvancedAllocation feature allows users to process system-wide line allocations utilizing a variety of methods, including fixed percentage, derived percentage, fixed amount, combination and markup percentage. Serenic Navigator also offers real-time access to all system data, along with extensive drilldown capability that offers easy access to originating documents.

Serenic Navigator’s GL contains a complete audit trail function for management and auditors. Also worth mentioning, the AwardVision module can track proposal revisions during the negotiation process. DonorVision allows users to meticulously track any and all donor information and correspondence, and create scheduled tasks. Multiple campaign and appeal functionality allows users to track goals, targets and responses on a timely basis, which enables users to monitor how successful each campaign is and what can be done to improve responses in the future.

Serenic Navigator also offers a series of portals in the GL, Human Resources and Payroll modules, providing real-time access to select personnel who wish to access GL information, handle purchase requisitions, and streamline approval processing. The HR/Employee portals allow employees to access their employee information, enter time and enter any expenses online.

Serenic Navigator offers excellent reporting capability, including FASB 116 and 117. An extensive variety of specialty reports are also available that can be easily customized, such as sub-ledger reports and standard financial statements. Cross-fiscal year reports are available, and data can be accessed and included from any module. Other reporting options include the Integrated Excel Report Writer along with the Financial Reporting – Excel function. Serenic Navigator also maintains the ability to utilize Microsoft SQL Reporting Services along with easy integration with Crystal Reports. For the user’s convenience, all reports can be exported to Excel or emailed to recipients.

All support personnel are certified in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, with the support team available during regular business hours. Twenty-four hour online support options are available as is an online knowledgebase. Serenic Navigator contains a solid in-product Help function, as well as access to FAQs online. Additional product support options are available through Serenic Software and vary in price. Various training options are available, as well.

Serenic Navigator is optimally designed for use in larger organizations. Pricing starts at $3,000 per user for the Flagship Financial Management Product, and increases to $6,000 per user for the Complete Financial Suite. Though Serenic Navigator pricing reflects a significant investment in software for larger organizations, the increased efficiency gained by utilizing this robust product will pay off for the organizations that choose to implement this comprehensive product.