FUND E-Z Development Corporation - FUND E-Z Accounting

From the Nov. 2009 Review of Not-for-Profit Accounting Programs.

FUND E-Z Development Corporation has offered nonprofit software for 20 years. The latest release, Version 10, offers a completely rewritten software product that is now a client/server application utilizing MS/SQL Express 2005.

FUND E-Z’s user interface uses the ‘ribbon style’ menu found in Microsoft 2007 Office. There ribbons are Home, Batch, G/L, A/P, P/O, A/R Client Billing, Allocations, Fund Raising. And each ribbon contains four sections: Add New, Items, Reports and Help. The Items area is where users can access lists and perform tasks. The interface uses tabs across the top of the screen that provide access to installed modules. To the right of the screen is a fully customizable vertical menu that will display frequently used functions or informational screens chosen by the user.

Clicking on a function will bring up an additional screen that contains a series of function icons. Data-entry screens are easily navigated and free of clutter, with lookup options available when needed.

FUND E-Z Accounting comes with GL, Bank Reconciliation, Budgeting, AP, AR, Client Billing, Direct Allocations, Security and Tools. The FUND E-Z Pro version includes these same modules as well as Purchase Orders/Encumbrances, Indirect Allocations and Batch Processing. FUND E-Z Pro is an excellent option for nonprofits that need a little more flexibility and customization capability. Also available is the excellent FUND Raising module, as well as a HIPAA Billing module.

Most nonprofits will be able to use FUND E-Z Accounting without purchasing the FUND E-Z Pro edition of the product, but for those in an active growth stage or those that anticipate future growth, purchasing the Pro module will ensure that the software will grow right alongside the organization.

FUND E-Z Version 10 is a completely new product, with improved navigation and system functionality. Changing the architecture of FUND E-Z changed its functionality significantly. Using a client/server application has made FUND E-Z a more reliable product, with increased system speed and better data integrity. Other changes include a complete redesign of the user interface with FUND E-Z now utilizing the ‘ribbon’ style interface found in Office 2007 (as previously noted). A fully customizable Quick Access Toolbar allows users to place frequently used functions all in one area for even quicker system access. Pull-down lookup fields are found throughout, and the addition of ‘on the fly’ capability makes entering data more efficient.

Importing and exporting data has also been enhanced, as has the audit trail function. When entering repetitive data, information is memorized for easier data field completion. The recurring features function has been improved, as well, allowing for the setup of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurring transactions.

The FUND Raising module has been completely revamped and can now be used as a stand-alone module or fully integrated with FUND E-Z’s GL. A donor history tab has been added that provides one-click access to complete donor history. The new user-defined mailing list function allows for the addition of donors to any and all appropriate mailing lists. The addition of pledge payment scheduling allows for the easy generation of a payment schedule and sending out reminders.

The FUND E-Z Pro module also offers numerous enhancements, including segment-level security and provisional posting that allows users to see the ‘what-if’ results of selected transactions. The new batch entry feature allows transactions to be reviewed prior to posting.

FUND E-Z Version 10 processes all necessary financial reports required by nonprofits, including FASB 117. An integrated custom report writer is included, simplifying the customization of standard reports via the Custom field. This feature allows for the creation of an entirely new report using some of the criteria from an existing report.

New in Version 10 are expanded reporting filters, along with the ability to print reports with specific ‘to/from’ dates instead of just month and year. All reports can be printed using cross-fiscal year data, and new drilldown capability allows users to drilldown to originating data in reports. All reports can also be exported or emailed as PDF, RTF, HTML, Excel, CSV, Text or Image files.

FUND E-Z’s ‘Help’ functionality offers the ability to search for specific items. A support agreement is required for the first year of product ownership. Support agreements offer unlimited telephone support, free software revisions and access to FUND E-Z’s Support Center. Training classes are also available, both online and onsite.

Quality doesn’t always have to be expensive, and FUND E-Z proves it, offering a single-user system for $1,995. The FUND Raising module is $995, and FUND E-Z Pro is $1,495. Five additional system users will cost $1,495. Though FUND E-Z has been reviewed in the past, Version 10 is an entirely new product that deserves serious consideration from small to mid-sized nonprofits looking for an affordable, reliable system that can grow with the organization.