Blackbaud — Fundware

From the Nov. 2009 Review of Not-for-Profit Accounting Programs.

Now a Blackbaud product, Fundware (formerly Kintera Fundware) continues to offer nonprofit organizations and government entities solid fund accounting functionality. Designed for mid-sized nonprofits and government entities, Fundware provides users with an excellent, scalable product that offers the flexibility that organizations desire.

Fundware’s user interface is pleasantly uncluttered, with system modules displayed both at the top of the screen utilizing a drop-down menu, along with a vertical display of all modules on the left side of the screen. Clicking on either option will display a list of the functions found within that module. Each module also has a homepage option that can be customized to suit user needs. Clicking on the Open function changes the menu interface to resemble an Explorer-like system, complete with an expandable menu to the left of the screen.

The Classic selections on the menu offer a different navigational system, with the screens presented less intuitively than the standard interface. Although they are easily navigated, it may slow new users down until they are comfortable. However, only setup and infrequently run tasks use the Classic interface.
Data-entry screens throughout Fundware are easily navigated, with a clean interface and lookup options in all the necessary fields, as well as navigational tabs that provide access to various system options. Data entry is also helped by the presence of “smart” boxes that retain prior data-entry information to fill in fields automatically.

Fundware offers users an excellent array of modules that include GL, AR, AP, Bank Reconciliation, Allocation Management, Advanced Printer Control, Advanced Security, Budget Preparation, Cash Receipts, Electronic Timesheets, F9 Financial Reports, Fixed Assets, Import Expert, Report Manager, Advanced Reporter, Corridor ODBC, Payroll, Project/Grant, and Web Reporter.

The vendor also offers industry-specific packaged solutions for the following specialties: Educational Foundations, Human Service, Mental Health, Government, Native American, Workforce Development, and Youth Development organizations.

Fundware is available in two versions: Pro (for one to eight system users) and Enterprise (for eight to 100+ users). As a scalable option, Fundware allows users to easily purchase the modules that their organization needs immediately, and then add others as needed.

The Dashboard feature found in each of the Fundware modules allows complete customization of the module user interface for each system user. Excellent audit trail functionality allows management to view all data entered, along with any changes and deletions, date of the entry, and system user. Fundware easily handles a variety of allocation types, including indirect cost, flexible, multi-step and percentage. Users can easily budget in multiple years including multiple fiscal years, if necessary.

An excellent Project/Grant module will track project and grant information, and the allocation management allows users to calculate both indirect costs and investments. Tight budgeting controls in the AP will alert users when budgeted amounts have been exceeded. Investment revenue can be distributed to a variety of accounts, including donors, funds or shares. Fundware enables users to manage unlimited funds and cost centers, and also contains an excellent drilldown capability from any document in the system.

Fundware comes with more than 60 predefined financial reports, including FASB 117 reports. The Report Manager module offers numerous report templates that can be customized to suit the needs of an organization. Fundware also offers the Advanced Financial Reporting module, which provides specific row and column definition. Reporting format options include Rich Text, Comma Delimited/CSC or Unformatted Text.

Fundware’s Advanced Print Control module allows users to create custom forms including MICR checks, invoices and statements using the pre-defined form templates that are included in the module. For a personalized touch, organizational logos can be added to any form created. The F9 Financial Report Writer allows Fundware files to be lined to Excel in order to create custom spreadsheets. Select reports can also be exported to the Web.

Fundware currently offers four levels of support plans: Maintenance and Enhancements, Self Service, Standard, and Premier. User guides are available to registered users for all support plans. Self Service, Standard and Premier support plans offer users access to the online product Knowledgebase. Clients of the Maintenance and Enhancement and Self Service support plans have access to billable per-call support. Standard and Premier have unlimited call access to the FundWare helpdesk.

Helpdesk hours are Monday through Thursday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Friday 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (all times are Mountain). Premier subscribers also have access to a separate toll-free number answered by a second tier support technician. Fundware users can utilize the excellent Help function that is found within the system, and training options are available, including regional classes, remote one-on-one training and personalized onsite training.

Blackbaud Fundware offers flexible pricing for its nonprofit product line. Modules range in price from $1,295 to $3,995 and can be purchased as needed. Specialty packages are also available, with costs varying depending on modules and options purchased. Although available in a one- to eight-user configuration, Fundware is truly designed for larger organizations, offering nonprofits and government entities the flexibility and the power they need in an easily navigated product.