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From the June 2011 Review of Document Management Systems

Best Firm Fit:
DocuLex is best suited for firms that are looking for a document repository that facilitates quick text-based document retrieval. Its strength seems to be focused on archiving and retrieving documents for review, as opposed to generating word processing documents and forms with annotations and general editing.

Core Product Functions/Features:

The DocuLex Archive Studio is comprised of two primary applications: Capture and Web Search. The former provides all of the functionality to load documents into the system, and the latter provides the functionality to search and retrieve documents. The DocuLex core market is any industry with legal responsibility for the content of their documents, and Archive Studio is designed to offer deep functionality in the area of full-text search for documents.


  • Comprehensive full-text search & retrieval
  • Document retention & archiving (also email archiving)
  • “Litigation Hold” feature for documents under discovery
  • Full-featured scanning solution
  • Connector to line-of-business applications such as QuickBooks, MS Dynamics GP, etc.
  • SaaS or on-premises deployment options

  Potential Limitations:

  • No direct integration with accounting, auditing or tax software
  • Lack of a full-featured portal module

The primary interface is comprised of four basic panels: search and retrieval metadata, command menu and toolbar along the top, document hit list in the main view, and a document preview panel below it. Two distinguishing features include the ability for users to not only customize the metadata tags for document indexing, but users can also pick and choose which tags to show on the search and retrieval panel.

When a full-text search is performed, DocuLex will highlight all of the occurrences of the text within the document.

Document Workflow:
There is no direct integration with accounting, auditing or tax software interfaces other than ODBC and the WebSearch connector. The company provides an API (Application Program Interface) so users can create customized interfaces. The application’s integration with the Microsoft Office system includes a DocuLex tab in many Office applications, which saves files directly into Archive Studio using pre-defined metadata profile templates based on the document’s classification.

An integrated workflow application is provided. As part of the implementation process, DocuLex representatives assist firms with mapping out processes and configuring them as automated workflows in the system. Folder-level notifications can be established to inform users via e-mail of any activity in that folder, i.e., for a specific client.

Document Control:
DocuLex integrates with Windows Active Directory. Firms can assign read, write and delete permissions based on document types and metadata values. The retention management functionality is quite strong due to their focus on the legal market. Retention rules can be tied to creation date, client name, effective date and more. Users can mark documents for shredding (paper), deletion or archiving. Documents or entire folders can also be put on “litigation hold” to limit access to those documents while they are part of discovery in litigation.

Full version control is supported. The checkout functionality lets users open a work folder of documents locally, edit them and then check them back in automatically when they reconnect with Web Search. The document hit list provides a visual button to identify locked and checked out documents as well as who has them.

Special Features:
There is no dedicated portal solution per se. However, a feature referred to as SharePortal sends clients links to specific documents that they can access in DocuLex without having to purchase additional user licenses for this feature.

The Goby capture program is a comprehensive document scanning and file upload utility that includes features such as bar codes, document cleanup, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and automatic upload to Web Search. The application is browser enabled and can be deployed as a SaaS or on-premises solution.

Executive Summary & Pricing
If your firm is focused on litigation support, tax planning or other niche consulting services, DocuLex may be a good option due to its emphasis on full-text search. If you are looking to integrate it into your tax preparation or audit engagements, you will find it is limited in how you can integrated into those processes compared to some of the accounting and tax centric solutions.

Pricing for a five-user SaaS deployment is $2,307 annually, which includes 5GB of storage. There is an annual fee of $1,668 per year for the Goby Capture application, as well as a one-time, $1,000 setup fee. The on-premises system is priced at $13,225 for 10 users and includes the first year of support. The annual renewal fee is $2,205.

2011 Overall Rating: