Technical Financial Solutions (TFS)

Accounting professionals are increasingly challenged with IT-related controls testing during audit engagements. And when it comes to audits, challenge isn’t a word that inspires confidence at sign-off. TFS specializes in helping audit practices address their SAS94 and IT issues by providing needed expertise.

The vendor’s core services include an IT audit program that covers the IT general controls categories based on control objectives for information and related technology (COBIT), giving audit teams a provable test of reliance on the IT environment. IT application controls testing is also offered, including A133 related controls within the applications themselves. TFS doesn’t sell these programs to accounting firms; instead, the company provides the direct service, with expert financial IT staff working with accounting practices and their clients during audit processes.

TFS also works with accounting practices and their clients to perform full SAS70 audits, and can assist in process documentation, IT training and data analysis.