AccuPOS Point of Sale Provides POS Options

This article accompanied the Sept. 2010 Review of Retail Point-of-Sale Systems.

AccuPOS Point of Sale is a stand-alone product designed to integrate with a variety of accounting programs including QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise; Sage Peachtree Complete, Premium and Quantum; Sage Simply Accounting; Sage BusinessWorks; and Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200.

Designed for easy integration, users can set up products in supported accounting software, and then simply copy the files to the AccuPOS database. When sales are processed, the transactions will be stored in the database, and then be transferred into the accounting program at the end of each shift.

AccuPOS contains an easily navigated interface, making it simple for new users to find their way around the system and eliminating long training sessions. The interface is fully customizable, and new terminals, locations and users can be added at any time.

AccuPOS offers a customizable system that can be set up to suit many business types. The retail POS system interface displayed on the terminal or touch-screen displays a running total of all current charges, a number pad, and a series of keys that can be customized to show the user’s preferences. Directly below the hot keys, is an option to create menu pages as well as the ability to change size, color and function of all of the buttons currently displayed on-screen. Products can be scanned or located by product code lookup. Buttons to the right of the screen allow transactions to be canceled or voided, as well as providing a means to correct any errors that may occur during the processing.

Customized buttons can also be displayed on the payment screen, where they can be set up for all forms of payment accepted. Clerks can easily accept split tender (more than one type of payment on a single transaction) for each sales transaction, and both credit and debit cards can be easily swiped for quick processing. AccuPOS also offers an excellent customer tracking and maintenance feature that will easily store customer information for easy retrieval when processing sales transactions. The AccuPOS management screen handles all system file information and user settings. AccuPOS also allows for printing of product barcodes and shelf tags when needed.

The Restaurant/Bar version of AccuPOS offers function buttons specific to this niche. Fully customizable, the interface buttons can be set to reflect the items that are most frequently purchased. Restaurant owners can even set up a customized layout of their restaurant and table location, making it easy to automate orders and ensure they go to the correct table.

Businesses with more than one location can purchase the remote transfer module, which will transfer all transaction data from each location to the main office where the accounting software resides. Other products available include AccuCOUNT, an inventory management system, and the AccuSHIFT Time Clock software module.

AccuPOS offers a completely bundled system that includes the software, 60 days of technical support, and all essential hardware for one workstation. The bundled hardware includes a cash drawer, thermal receipt printer and a barcode scanner. Various bundles are available and pricing varies. Demos are available at the website.