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Review of Addsum Business Software — Advanced Accounting - 2011


AddSum Business Software, Inc. - Advanced Accounting


From the April/May 2011 Review of On-Premise Installed Accounting Systems for Small Business

Advanced Accounting offers a highly scalable accounting software product. Well-known for its powerful point-of-sale module, Advanced Accounting also contains complete core accounting capability. One great feature of Advanced Accounting is its expansion capability; the product can handle from one user to hundreds without purchasing additional licenses.

 Best Fit:
A good fit for those with high transaction volume bookkeeping operations who require inventory support. Designed for small to mid-sized businesses, particularly small retailers and contractors who require industry-specific features.

Basic System Functions:
Advanced Accounting was easily installed, with the complete installation process only taking minutes. The main user interface contains a series of colorful icons that provide access to 12 system modules that are included with the product. A toolbar at the top of the screen, provides module access, as well.


  • Strong POS capabilities
  • Multi-user version supports unlimited users at a site for $799
  • Support for import from Peachtree & QuickBooks
  • Scalable product to meet wide range of end users.
  • Solid sales order, purchase order and inventory modules.

Potential Limitations:

  • Inventory valuation supports Average Cost only
  • Limited stock reports require most users to use the TAX Premier 7i development system (which accesses the data natively) or any ODBC capable report writer.

Users can choose between the toolbar mode (displays only the toolbar) or full mode (displays both the toolbar and the icons). The GL in Advanced Accounting is mainly used for transactions that are not part of the AP, AR or Sales modules. No dashboard display option is available, and data-entry screens are a throwback to earlier years, with an option to switch between keyboard and mouse navigation. All entry screens also contain the requisite lookup options, with function tabs at the bottom of the screen.

As previously noted, Advanced Accounting offers excellent point-of-sale functionality with templates and industry-specific features, which makes the product suitable for smaller retail businesses. Wholesale and Distribution features are also found within the program, with job cost and bill of materials modules and industry-specific features included.

Advanced Accounting uses a Windows platform and is compatible with Windows 7. Hardware requirements are minimal.

Core Accounting Capabilities:
Advanced Accounting is a completely integrated system, with GL, AP, AR, Payroll, Job Cost, Sales Order Control, Purchase Orders, Point of Sale, Bill of Materials and Inventory Control. Recurring general journals (GJ) can be set up and entered on an as-needed basis. The AR module lets users assign credit limits to customers, classify customers into groups and assign individual discounts to each customer. Users can also maintain secure credit card information on customers, if desired. Vouchers can be entered to apply credits to existing customer balances and edited as needed. The AP module allows users to track regular vendor payments as well as both manual checks and electronic payments. Users can also choose check print dates for invoices entered. Invoices can be paid individually or by vendor, and recurring payables can be entered, as well.

Sales tax levels are easily set up and maintained, with three levels of tax rates that can be assigned to each tax jurisdiction.

The Payroll module is solid and supports multi-location payroll with numerous user-defined fields for easy deduction tracking. Payroll updates can be downloaded from the vendor’s support page. Advanced Accounting also contains a built-in audit trail that cannot be turned off. Users can easily review system usage by printing the audit trail report. Consolidated financial statements for multiple companies can be processed. Users can set up more than 100 separate companies, with Advanced Accounting able to support hundreds of users simultaneously.

Day-To-Day Operations:
The vendor offers an add-product designed for smooth integration with both UPS and FedEx shipping programs. The sales tax calculation feature allows multiple rates to be added to a sale. Advanced Accounting’s point-of-sale module easily integrates with the core accounting system and offers an excellent scope of features, including mail order processing, multiple tender types and the ability to track a comprehensive customer history. The customer information is tracked in the point-of-sale module and includes information such as purchase history, pricing levels, credit limits and email addresses. Reports, statements and invoices can be exported into a system acceptable format such as PDF and then emailed to vendors and customers.

Advanced Accounting contains an excellent Inventory module, along with a related Bill of Materials module. Inventory valuation is based on average product cost. And Inventory’s integration with POS provides for complete retail accounting capability. Users can run physical inventory reports and later utilize the “adjust levels to physical” option for adjustments. The latest version of Advanced Accounting also offers an updated inventory lookup feature, along with the ability to attach product images directly to sales orders.

Management Features:
Advanced Accounting’s ODBC compliance makes it easy to integrate with other applications. Though reporting options are limited, the reports that are available are useful. Limited filters can be applied to reports, but integration with Crystal Reports (add-on) increases reporting options dramatically. All reports can be exported to a variety of formats including PDF, RTF, HTML, Quattro Pro, and Lotus. Advanced Accounting offers multi-lever user security, which is initially defined by module and then menu level.

Advanced Accounting integration means the system’s twelve modules work seamlessly together. Integration with various add-on modules includes shipping integration and a credit card authorization module. Users can import a variety of data fields from both Peachtree and QuickBooks files, and files can also be exported to any ODBC compliant application.

Advanced Accounting comes with a comprehensive user manual. Each module also contains a Help function for quick reference. Aside from general information links, the vendor also maintains an FTP site, where registered users can download any software updates. Several prepaid support plans are available with a range of prices and services. A new subscription is also being offered that allows new users to obtain up to 90 days of free initial support, with a monthly payment of $10 for a single user.

Executive Summary & Pricing
Advanced Accounting from Addsum Business Software is a highly scalable, completely integrated accounting software product designed for small to mid-sized businesses. The system starts at $299 for a single user; a multi-user version is also available for $799 with support for unlimited users. Affordable, and easily navigated, Advanced Accounting is a good fit for small retailers and contractors that require industry-specific features, a solid accounting function and a product that offers room to grow.

2011 Overall Rating: