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Review of CheckMark Software — MultiLedger - 2011


CheckMark Software - MultiLedger


From the April/May 2011 Review of On-Premise Installed Accounting Systems for Small Business

In business since 1984, CheckMark Software first introduced MultiLedger in 1986. Designed for the small business owner, MultiLedger provides solid core accounting functionality with inventory, checkwriting, job tracking, 1099 reporting, and cross-platform capability. CheckMark also offers a solid payroll system that integrates with MultiLedger.

 Best Fit:
With good basic functionality at a value price point, this may be a good fit for accounting professionals doing client bookkeeping and write-up.

Basic System Functions:
MultiLedger was easily installed, with the entire process taking only minutes. Both accountants and non-accountants will appreciate the easy transaction processing interface, which utilizes a basic ledger form that allows for entry of ledger numbers, descriptions and amounts. The grid interface offers three distinct areas: Set Up, Transactions and Reports.


  • Value-priced application w/basic GL, AR and AP support for up to 10 users with an unlimited number of companies.
  • MICR check printing supported
  • Mac version available

Potential Limitations:

  • No integrations with remote access applications or e-commerce solutions
  • Limitations may hamper some accountants
  • User interface feels dated

Customer and vendor lists are located in the Set Up section and allow users the opportunity to enter detailed information about each customer or vendor, including terms and discounts, product pricing levels, and detailed contact information including links to company websites and email addresses.

The Financial Snapshot provides a quick view of pertinent company information such as cash level, AR and AP balances, income, cost of goods sold totals, and other relevant data. These amounts are displayed as both current values and year to date totals. As previously noted, MultiLedger is available for both Mac OS and Windows, and can accommodate up to 10 concurrent users.

Core Accounting Capabilities:
MultiLedger offers solid accounting functionality with GL, AP, AR, Inventory and Job Costing, and easily supports multiple companies. Pop-up lists are available throughout the program. GL account numbers must be four digits in length, and users can easily setup profit centers and cash flow designations during company setup. Users can to work in up to 30 months, with the option of locking any month in order to prevent transaction entry. Users can also set up recurring entries as needed. Customer quotes can be converted to sales orders, and recurring customer invoices can be entered, as well. The receipts journal allows for posting payments to customer accounts, and transactions can be modified or deleted as needed. The payables journal records any non-inventory related purchases. Multiple sales tax rates can be maintained within the system, but only two rates can be applied to each customer account.

As previously noted, CheckMark offers an excellent payroll system that integrates with MultiLedger as well as QuickBooks, Peachtree and other third-party applications. The cost of annual payroll tax table updates is $149; CheckMark also offers free patches (if necessary) throughout the year and contains a fully functional audit trail that cannot be turned off. MultiLedger comes with a 10-user license for each location. If companies have multiple locations, they can purchase a second license for an additional 10 users.

Day-To-Day Operations:
MultiLedger allows for various shipping carriers, but does not provide true shipping integration with any vendor. Sales tax calculations are easily maintained in the sales tax function, but only two tax rates can be applied per customer. MultiLedger does offer integration with Shopkeeper FMP, a third-party application that offers complete point-of-sale capability. Customer data can be easily exported to Microsoft Word for mass customer mailings. The customer management option also offers the ability to track detailed information about each customer, including email addresses. All reports, invoices and statements can be easily emailed directly from the report/invoice screen.

MultiLedger offers a solid inventory function with multiple pricing options for each product (up to three), as well as the ability to set reorder points for products. The inventory module supports average cost and last unit cost valuation. Assembly items can also be created from current inventory stock. The adjust inventory function allows users to adjust inventory levels up or down based on physical inventory results.

MultiLedger does not currently contain any notable e-features, nor does it offer remote access. While this may be a drawback for some small business owners, the lack of these features should not impact the majority of small service-related businesses looking for a solid on-premises accounting product.

Management Features:
MultiLedger offers a good range of reporting options, including detailed or summarized income statements. The financial snapshot report provides a solid reporting mechanism for reviewing vital company financial statistics. Reports can be run during any timeframe, up to 30 months, so easy comparisons can be made. All financial reports offer drilldown capability, and users can easily view and print reports as well as export reports as PDFs or text files, enabling them to be exported to Microsoft Word or Excel. MultiLedger also offers excellent user security, with the ability to assign user levels at the menu level. Management can choose to lock a specific month or months if they desire, disabling the ability to add or delete transactions from this timeframe.

MultiLedger offers full integration with its payroll product, as well some third-party applications designed to work directly with the program. Reports and data can be exported to Microsoft Word and Excel. MultiLedger’s import option provides a menu to select different fields for a customized import list.

The program offers an excellent Help system, with a detailed user manual in PDF as well as tutorials on different functions. CheckMark offers two prepaid support levels: Priority and Essential, with support minutes available ranging from 90 to 300 minutes. As-needed support is also available on a pay as you go basis. A product knowledgebase is also available where users can browse case histories and FAQs.

Executive Summary & Pricing
MultiLedger is a solid accounting system that contains all of the necessary features and functions that a small business needs. Solid system security, a good inventory system and multi-company support are bonus features found in this very affordable system. MultiLedger is priced at $399, which includes support for up to 10 system users; a complete accounting/payroll package is available for $548. While MultiLedger clearly does not contain all the bells and whistles found in some of the other financial products, users will find that what it does provide is an affordably priced, easy-to-use system that can accommodate multiple users.

2011 Overall Rating: