Review of APS OnLine Payroll - 2010


APS Payroll - APS Online


From the Sept. 2010 Review of Professional Payroll Systems.

The APS OnLine 5.0 payroll processing, HR and time and attendance system is a SaaS solution built using Web 2.0 technology. It is designed for single or multiple business entities ranging from 10 to 2,000 employees. The service includes live payroll processing capabilities, direct deposit and cash cards, time & attendance, tax compliance, reporting, document management functions and benefits administration. For the purposes of this review, the system is primarily a fit in our Outsourced/Referral model, where employers generally manage their own payroll processing and the accountant has the ability to view online reports and pull financial data into a GL. The company also offers a model that fits the Partially Assisted professional payroll model, as well, with accounting firms managing all of the day-to-day functions and payroll runs, but with the vendor performing all compliance and reporting functions.

The system’s workflow and familiar user interface makes it rather simple to use. APS OnLine is a full-featured payroll processing system with an extremely flexible set up. It handles an unlimited number of jobs/departments, along with pay rates and payroll deductions. Adding clients is quite simple in that APS handles the initial company setup and can also provide assistance on adding employee-related data.

Payrolls can be generated for all of the 50 states, and the tax rates are updated as changes are released to ensure accurate forms and reporting. Payroll taxes are remitted electronically by APS to the proper taxing authority. In addition to electronically submitting taxes, APS also takes full responsibility for all Federal, State and Local tax returns as well as year-end processing. Copies of all payroll tax reports and W-2 reprints are available online and can be printed at no charge.

With more than 100 standard reports that are easily customized, reporting tasks are quite easily accomplished with this system. Actually customizing reports is quite intuitive and simple using the vendor’s proprietary Report Builder with built-in report templates. Frequently used or favorite reports can be saved to the reporting console. All payroll, HR, and time and attendance data is stored in a centralized SQL database, which enables reporting across each functional area of the system. The Global Reporting feature allows companies with multiple entities to run reports across their entire organization. Documents and files related to individual employees can be attached to the employee record for future reference. Skills associated with each employee can be entered, as well, which helps companies determine which skills are available in the workforce.

The program can import payroll data from virtually any system capable of exporting data to structured text formats. Web services are also available for integration with time and attendance and employee-related demographic data. Data can be exported to a GL report for import into most accounting programs. Power users that want to build their own exports can do so using the Report Builder and exporting to Excel.

APS OnLine provides traditional built-in Help functions and an index, along with form instructions and some guidance. Initial system training is done in short phases and is based on the number of users and system configuration. Email and phone-based technical support is included with a dedicated support person assigned to each customer.

APS OnLine offers an employee self-serve option through This option enables employees to view their pay history, print paystubs, review and update information, access W-2s, download company forms, enroll in benefits and training courses, and request time off.

The APS OnLine system is a best fit for businesses who want a web-based single system option for payroll, time & attendance and HR. The Accountant Services option lets professionals offer APS’ online program under their firm’s name, providing multi-client management functions for managing client and employee data and running payrolls, with APS once again handling the back-end issues of compliance and liabilities payments.

Pricing is determined by the number of employees, services provided and the number of payrolls submitted. Pricing for a 250 employee bi-weekly payroll ranges from $1.50 to $3.00 per employee for a payroll-only client to a payroll, HR, and time and attendance client, respectively. Discounted pricing is available to Accountant Partners.