Projecturf Offers Collaboration & Project Management Software for SMBs

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Developed as a web-based application, Projecturf 2.0 is a new breed of project management software for small and medium-sized businesses as well as freelancers. Projecturf offers an easy-to-use and customizable interface with unlimited data storage. This one-of-a-kind software provides an intuitive interface with project management and collaboration features that help streamline tasks and improve project efficiency. Projecturf has quickly gained popularity in many industries, including advertising and marketing, legal professionals, software developers and designers, to name a few.

Projecturf was designed as an alternative to existing programs such as Microsoft Project, which often require extensive in-house IT support to manage and maintain, and also Basecamp. As an on-demand, SaaS solution, Projecturf gives more flexibility in terms of scalability, project control, paperless processes, and tracking project goals and milestones.

The application boasts an elegant interface, a project and global dashboard, event calendars similar to iCal, tasks with nested subtasks, timecards, issue tracking, whiteboards, separate design and document sections, reporting, and a full address book. The address book comes with an import feature to quickly add contacts from any major email program or software, along with a drag-and-drop function to easily create contact groups. The calendar also offers drag-and-drop with events and tasks as well as the ability to download events to any scheduling program. Users can easily set access levels for each user and set permissions on any item within a project. To customize the system, administrators can create a custom URL, such as, where staff, clients and others who access projects will log in. Companies can add their logo and change the color theme throughout the app to match their branding needs.

Other features include Google Docs integration, permission-based file sharing with unlimited storage, reply via email, file versioning, multiple administrators, time tracking with built-in custom timer, design thumbnails, code snippets, business-class reporting, and more. As a fully web-based system, Projecturf can be accessed from anywhere by simply using an Internet browser.

Plans start at $34.99 per month with unlimited users and unlimited storage, but with variations on the file sizes and the number of active projects. n