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First released 15 years ago, BillQuick was designed to maximize billable hours and minimize non-billable hours. Creating a simple solution to this common and chronic problem is what motivated BQE Software’s founder, an owner of a small professional services firm, to create BillQuick.

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BillQuick has earned FIVE STARS from The CPA Technology Advisor for the past nine years. This is no surprise, considering BillQuick does what CPAs and accountants want most — to maximize billable hours.

“We’re always looking for a better way to offer services, to increase billable hours,” says Alan Fox, CPA. “Productivity is critical. We checked out several practice management packages, but they demanded too much admin time, lacked the real-time feedback we required, or didn’t measure up with analysis and other reporting that would help us efficiently manage our firm.”

BillQuick offers multiple ways to efficiently and accurately capture hours, both in the office and remotely. BillQuick applies the right bill rate and cost rate automatically, eliminating hours of high-cost rate checking before billing. Default and unlimited special bill rates can be set up. With add-on modules, time can be captured anytime, anywhere via the Web, email, mobile phone or PDA. Hours can also be captured with Microsoft Outlook.

“Why cheat yourself out of revenues and profits?” asks Larry Gray, CPA, of Alfermann Gray and Company, in Rolla, Mo. “The real culprit is not capturing actual time as the work is done. Waiting to record work for hours or days — it’s too easy to forget five minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes of work done for a client. Of course, there are other benefits to immediate time recording too.”

Those benefits include real-time information for billing and management reporting. “Our old time and billing software was too dependent on the human element,” says Larry Gray. “To bill an engagement, say write-up or payroll services, you had to sort and scan lists of time and expenses to ferret out just the detail belonging to the engagement. It was cumbersome and time-consuming. It required a fulltime clerk to handle billing. Why invest in technology unless it will truly generate revenues and reduce costs?”

Alan Fox experienced similar benefits from BillQuick. “Billing recurring, flat fee and hourly clients is easy. What used to be a couple days a month has become an hour. Most invoices take only a few clicks to create.”

In addition to saving time, billing capabilities are flexible and robust. BillQuick supports a variety of billing arrangements, including Hourly, Hourly Not To Exceed, Recurring, and Fixed Fee. Over 100 invoice formats are included, all customizable with Crystal Reports. BillQuick handles the write-up/write-down of individual time entries or a bill amount with ease. WIP items can be excluded as well as written off. You can print WIP, profitability and other reports as needed to support billing decision-making. And BillQuick includes an Engagement Journal for recording billing decisions (and issues, activities, collection conversations, etc.). All the right information is in one place. Billing capabilities also include retainers, discounts, memos and e-mailing invoices. BQE understands that delayed billing is a primary cause of cash flow problems. BillQuick 2010 introduced Memorized Invoices, allowing users to schedule invoices to automatically be processed at their desired frequency.

“Let me quantify this for you,” Alan Fox offers. “Before we implemented BillQuick, our admin person, Kathy, spent many hours per year managing timesheets and rekeying it into another program. At her billable rate, there were a significant number of non-productive/non-billable hours. Kathy now has less overtime. Financial results reflect an increase in revenues and cash flow of 10 percent and 15 percent, respectively.”

Larry Gray echoes similar success with BillQuick. “Be timely with client jobs. To accomplish that, our team must be on top of things with the right information at the right time. We couldn’t do that with our old software because it was too cumbersome. With BillQuick, we meet and exceed client expectations.”

BillQuick’s Document Management functions organize client documents and e-mail. With BillQuick, information is always at your fingertips. Also, BillQuick smoothly integrates with Intuit QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online solutions. Additionally, BillQuick seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office Accounting, Sage Peachtree and MYOB (Australia). Integration is wide and deep, making accounting tasks easier and eliminating duplicate entry. For Timeslips users and 15 other popular applications, BillQuick includes a free data conversion tool.

Finally, BillQuick is scalable, handling small to large firms with ease. It supports three database systems and offers add-on modules, global settings, and other features. BillQuick demonstrates maturity without looking, feeling or acting “old.”


In addition to offering multiple support packages, BQE Software Inc. offers standard and customized training via the Web and on-site. Live, free introductory training is offered three times a week. Also, in response to customer demand, BQE Software offers consulting services including data conversion, implementation assistance, business process/best practices, and various product and IT-related services.

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BQE Software Inc. serves accountants and CPAs, delivering time tracking, engagement management and billing capabilities. Their industry experts consult with customers to identify issues, needed product features, and additional services that solve the everyday pain points of professionals.


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